Valentine 4Happy Friday, everyone. And to the lovers out there, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re a fan of today’s meaning or not, these do exist. And I know you’re a fan of Godzilla (if you’re here, right?). I’m sure everyone remembers these, but believe it or not they’re a full decade old now and its time to revisit! Behold the “Godzilla Origins” Valentine’s Day Cards, complete with stickers! – Which you won’t get, because this is the internet. But still! Here’s your ammo for today online, gents. Use it wisely!

Ah, the good ol’ days. I wish these would have existed while I was in elementary school. I would’a gotten’ those bitches Godzilla Valentine’s Day Cards. Bitches love Godzilla Valentine’s Day Cards.

Enjoy the day!


Jon @ UnCanny

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