1958094_10152314798968185_1922809571_nHappy Thursday, all! And Happy Birthday to ME! Jon @ UnCanny here with an excellent read that made my birthday just that much better!

Toho Kingdom user Can of Conspiracy has provided the fandom with scans of Empire’s Godzilla coverage from this month’s issue, and its pretty damn incredible. Usually, the photos outshine whatever offerings the actual article has – but this is not the case here. Empire knocked this spread out of the park, pulling out all the stops to bring us almost a dozen pages of spectacular coverage worthy of the issue’s magnificent cover.

Edwards has a lot to say here, some of which we’ve heard and most we havent. Cranston and Taylor-Johnson dish on the process, and we even hear from ol’ Ronald Emmerich. Read on for official confirmation (with a size chart) on exactly how tall this incarnation of Godzilla is – and why Bryan Cranston calls him a “huge asshole!”

This will get you excited for the film if you’re not already, I guarantee it!

The article begins with a wonderful Editor’s forward, and ends with a great interview with Bryan Cranston – both of which you’ll have to pick up the issue to view. I want to share all of this with you guys, but at the same time Empire did such an amazing job putting this together for us fans that I think we owe it to them to pick up the issue, yah? Yah.

Enjoy the coverage and expect much more in the near future! Until then, true believers!

Jon @ UnCanny

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