Happy Godzilla Week to you, Fandom! Jon @ UnCanny here!

To celebrate the release of Legendary’s film this Friday (or Thursday the 15th for those going to the early screenings) we thought it’d be fun to find out which Godzilla incarnation suits you best! Skreeonk.com’s latest quiz, brought to you by myself and Playbuzz.com, is here to help you find out – Click the graphic below to do so!



I hope you all enjoy. And just so everyone knows, my mostly spoiler-free review of Legendary’s Godzilla will hit this weekend. I can’t wait for us all to see the film!

Which Godzilla did you get? Let us know in the comments below or on our Official Facebook Page!


Jon @ UnCanny


  1. Heh, I’m the new Legendary Godzilla! I wonder how I got to him, but the survey was pretty fun. That Batman question right off the bat threw me for a spin. Hi Tech Batman suit is always my pick!

    • Hah! So glad you enjoyed it. And the eras of Batman in film can be closely related to the trends/eras in Godzilla films. The black and white Batman serials vs the 1954 classic, Adam West’s campy Batman and the later Showa films. Tim Burton’s Batman films and the Heisei era, etc. Its a common allegory I rely upon to explain to people the many facets and longevity of Godzilla – so I figured it would be a good question to start off with!


      Jon @ UnCanny

      • That actually makes a lot of sense, I didn’t really consider that, but I should have seen the link between them e_e. Great job making that quiz, it was pretty fun to go through. Now I’m really ready for the film!

  2. Millennium Godzilla
    Reborn unto a modern world filled with more human ignorance than you can swipe a tail at, you are the reincarnation of nature’s wrath. Full of somber history and an intelligence unlike most Godzillas before you, your’s is a mission of balance and restoration. You are capable of taking many forms (or incarnations, in this series’ case) to best whatever foes the universe throws your way, and if nothing else are responsible for wiping Tristar’s awful 1998 Godzilla off the map. And we all thank you.
    By and large humanity does tend to piss me off more often than not, or at least cause me to roll my eyes and shake my head. Maybe I just watch too much news. Millennium Godzilla is fitting, would have been satisfied with GMK Godzilla as well. Fun survey.

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