Hey everyone! Jon @ UnCanny here with some good news, some awesomeness, and a tad bit o’ bad news.

KWF1Legendary’s GODZILLA 2 will officially hit our eyeballs on June 8, 2018. You read that right… 2018. Although it is great to get confirmation that Edwards will indeed return to direct after he finishes up his solo Star Wars spin-off, its kinda crazy to think that we wont see the sequel for four more years. Better to have it late than not at all, right? The sequels are said to include Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah – so whats not to be excited about? I’m guessing we are going to see a lot more kaiju action the second time around, and a little less teasing.

In commemoration of this announcement, and just in pure excitement for the continuation of the series, SKREEONK.com would like to officially announce the arrival of the Kaiju Watcher’s Federation! The KWF will focus on the Kaiju, events, and people of the Legendary G-Verse. Think of it as a database treating the new incarnations of our favorite giant monsters as the real deal, just like Edward’s film did. Pretty cool, eh? We thought so! Click the screencap below or the link above to check it out:


There’s huge potential for fan involvement with the Kaiju Watcher’s Federation – and its just getting started. So make sure to stay tuned and check the KWF for constant updates!

Visit the new site and let us know what you think! Until next time, true believers!

Jon @ UnCanny

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