Hey fandom! Jon @ UnCanny here with a new segment for yah. To get right down to it, G-TUBE will be a regular segment where I pull the best of the best in Kaiju entertainment from YouTube, putting it all in one place for you guys to catch up on!

G-Tubepic1If you missed the latest Fresh Vinyl Live this past Saturday night, well… lets just say you missed out on 3 hours of good times and kaiju ridiculousness. I’ve been a part of the past two FVLs with our good friend Rich Eso, and plan to be a part of every one for the foreseeable future. Now, keep in mind that the three hour runtime of this past episode is not the norm, we usually go for about an hour and a half – podcast’ish lengths. But we just had so much to talk about! X-PLus 25cm Ghidorah, Diamond’s anticipated NYCC reveal, Yuji Sakai’s X-Plus ’28cm’ G’89, NECA, SHMA, and of course the X-Plus Gigantic Series Burning Godzilla. If any of this even remotely interests you (which of course it does or you wouldn’t be here) I fully recommend you check out the recording of the live broadcast below. If you want to kick back, have some drinks with us and revel in the fun for the next FVL, be sure to like us on Facebook so you’ll have up-to-the-minute updates on when each FVL will take place. Each FVL will be recorded (as always),  just in case you miss it. And we’ll be posting them here on the site as a part of our  new G-TUBE updates, like so:

If you’re familiar with FVL and the YouTube scene, then you’re familiar with another good friend of ours, James aka DiegoDoom who’s superbly produced figure reviews have become a staple of the fandom. Check out his beautifully shot, well-balanced, and silky-smooth voice over’ed review of the S.H. Monsterarts GODZILLA 2014 below!

Another friend of ours, Terry M.P. of Hesperia Productions has another great short out, Godzilla vs The Alien Monsters 3! His mixture of stop motion/hand puppetry goodness spans the entire fandom of Kaiju, and never fail to be creative and entertaining. Check it out below:

I’m already loving this whole G-TUBE idea, and will be keeping it up! Hope you guys enjoy – theres a ton of excellent content out there and we’re going to try and bring you the best.

Until next time, true believers!


Jon @ UnCanny


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