Hey, all! Jon @ UnCanny here with some very exciting news!

For a long time now (over three years to be precise) we’ve been bringing you Collector’s Updates – complete with details on the latest vinyls, games, media, you name it – and where to get them! But things just got a whole lot better – and easier!

Skreeonk.com is proud to announce that we’ve entered a partnership with Entertainment Earth to bring you the latest Kaiju Vinyls and merchandise, as well as a all upcoming Pre-Orders! Best part of it all? It’s right here on our very own Kaiju Fan Marketplace! We will continue to list and sell personal items on the Marketplace, but now you can pre-order and buy all the awesome new items you see in our Collector’s Updates without having to track them down! We only list items that are either available for pre-order or currently in stock with Entertainment Earth, so there’s no need to worry about delayed shipping or missing out on an item!

We’ve given the KFM an extensive facelift, complete with a new banner and buttons for categories to shop by. Be sure to check it out and grab some kaiju goodness for you and the fans in your life. You’ll never have to miss out on another pre-order, either!

I’ve included a gallery below of some of the amazing items you can now either buy or pre-order on the KFM. Thanks for being a fan and a part of the Kaiju Fan Network, and stay tuned for many upcoming reviews of exclusive vinyls and promotions for the fans right here on Skreeonk.com!

Jon @ UnCanny

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