Hey fandom! Jon @ UnCanny here with some time-killers.

If you’re not a fan of us on Facebook, hop on over to our page and like us for up-to-the-minute news flashes on everything from vinyl collectibles to the new G films in production! Our Fbook page is very active, with posts and comments daily – as well as photography you won’t see anywhere else – and our official Kaiju Knowledge Quizzes! If you haven’t played any of our quizzes, they’re a ton of fun and test your kaiju trivia skills! So far, we’ve done trivia quizzes for Godzilla posters, Name-That-Kaiju, and our latest: The Kaiju Collector Quiz!

Click the image to jump to the quiz and test your collector knowledge!

Are you a lover of kaiju collectibles? Come find out if you know your M1s from your Marusans and your CCPs from your Billikens with this official Skreeonk.com Kaiju Collector Quiz!

Be sure to like us on ol’ Fbook and you’ll see our quizzes as they hit the fandom! Until then!

Jon @ UnCanny

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