UPDATE 06/17/15: This image was shared by Haruo Nakajima on social media and we assumed, in good faith, it’s legitimacy. Turns out it’s an elaborate creation by a Japanese fan. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the real deal, it seems!

Hey all, Jon @ UnCanny here with a great piece of news!

TOHO has released the first official poster for Godzilla 2016 by way of a teaser with some very familiar imagery. The poster shows some classic-looking dorsal spines, though there’s no way to be sure if anything on this piece represents the Big G’s new look. Either way, it seems that red & black are the only colors we’ll ever see used to advertise Godzilla again – but hey! This is a wonderful surprise. You can check out the poster below. Also, the domain name godzilla2016.jp is on the bottom right corner of the poster, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this registered site to see when it goes live!


Don’t forget that G-FEST is just 20 days away in Chicago, and we’ll be there to report on all the happenings! Until next time, Kaiju Fans!

Jon @ UnCanny

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