Hey, all! Jon D. B. here with some exciting news indeed!

gomaruG16Gomaru Island has posted a photo to their Facebook page of the first official shooting material for Toho’s upcoming Godzilla film. These casting/shooting papers reveal that A.) Filming has indeed started as scheduled and (much more excitingly) B.) The working title of the film! Gomaru Island and Scified.com have a translated working title for us, and here’s what they have to say:

Japanese news outlets reporting the shoot is happening at the Kamata Railway Station in Tokyo. One in particular reports a flyer with instructions on how to reach the location. Said flyer seems to indicate the film’s working title is Shin Gojira. (Roughly translated to New Godzilla or True Godzilla.)

It’s unlikely this is the actual title of the film. Those who followed Godzilla: Final Wars in 2004 may recall that the working title for that movie was The Godzilla. I’m sure Toho and director/writer Hideaki Anno will come up with something more fitting.

Gomaru Island also has a lot more to add about the shooting and overall state of the project. If you’re a resident of Japan or know anyone who is – tell them to be on the lookout!

Gormaru island: GODZILLA-2016 Mass Shooting September 6th!/EXTRA Deadline

While film photography notices have finally kicked off, the notice of a first big mass-shooting session begins this weekend(Sunday)! Although if you’re living overseas in the west, then that means Saturday since Japan is usually a day ahead in terms of timezones.

This session will close down streets, and all extras attending that day must go to the locations mapped out!

Beyond that, extras can still volunteers, but there’s a set deadline in mid-September. So better hurry if you plan on going to Japan!

In closing, G-fans best expect several loads of shooting-set photos to leak out on the internet this weekend! in the meantime, expect a possible announcement from TOHO declaring G16’s filming real soon!

Many thanks again to Gomaru Island for their excellent reporting, and to Scified.com for elaborating for us! More to come soon and be sure to follow Skreeonk.com’s Facebook Page for all the latest updates!

Jon D. B.

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