Hey all, Jon D. B. here with the biggest news we’ve had as of late for Toho’s highly-anticipated return to the Godzilla franchise.

0000kjhOur friends over at Gomaru Island on Facebook are always on top of things, and have updated us on Shin-Gojira‘s current progress. The film has wrapped live-action filming for their “human cast”, and will now move on to post-production where co-director and tokusatsu special effects maestro Shinji Higuchi will bring the new Godzilla to life! While it may seem alarming that the film only shot for a few months this fall, this is typical for effects-heavy films of this kind. The last Godzilla film, Legendary’s GODZILLA – shot for a similarly short period of time. The bulk of that film’s production schedule was designated to the incredible effects housed within.

Gomaru Island has more great tidbits translated for us:

Gormaru Island: Shin Gojira Ends Live Filming. What Now?

Live filming, film production of live action, or principal cinematography has ended for Shin Gojira.

Basically for those who aren’t clear, the filming of live actors, camera rolling on set, filming extras. All of this has wrapped up officially. Along with her involvement with the film. She enjoyed the experience very much. Parts of Ishihara Satomi’s recents tweets informed this.

00000uhgfSo you know what that means. All that remains now is adding in the special effects, and obviously of course adding Godzilla into the film. Excitement!
So where do we go from here? Well, we progress to the semi-finals. Teasing images of Godzilla’s design, posters, potential teaser trailers, and lastly, a release date. Once we have the release date, then we’re all in the grand finals.

Godzilla’s Birthday Festival starts tomorrow, as it’s already November 1st in Japan, close to being 1PM in the afternoon over there. Rumors are flying that on the 3rd, Shin Gojira’s information banning will be lifted. Spilling new information for all about the movie.

Of course this is just a rumor, but the possibility itself is not unlikely, so keep an eye out. Something about Shin Gojira could surface.

Sounds to us like the “press-ban” on Shin-Gojira will be lifted this week, and we’ll be hit with a lot of new information all at once. Fingers crossed for a Goji-Design reveal… but something tells us we will be teased with glimpses of the new Godzilla over time; it may be a while before we see any sort of full-on reveal. Perhaps an official poster will hit this week? Stay tuned to find out!

Jon D. B.

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