Hey fandom, Jon D. B. here with some insane confirmation for an earlier scoop of ours you’re either going to love or hate.

13445377_630062037142126_3115767263098841756_nShin-Gojira is all over the place in Japan right now, with Wonder Festival featuring the enormous suit-sized Shin sculpture you’ve probably seen several times by now (pictured to the left). Now we’ve got something you haven’t seen.

WARNING: The film doesn’t hit for a few more days now so if you don’t want to be spoiled DO NOT READ BELOW – LEAVE THIS ARTICLE NOW!



Alright, you’re still here – so brace yourself.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you would’ve seen this original article we posted way back in January, when we still knew next to nothing about SHIN-GOJIRA. In said article, we passed along an inside scoop we had received concerning Shin-G taking multiple forms in the film. At the time, this was purely hear-say passed onto us from an inside source in Japan, but  we were told it was ‘without-a-doubt’ true.

And now we know, 100%, that it is:


Edit: One of the original images showcased a sculpted grey entity that appeared to be either a tadpole or is now being reported to be a gourd used to model Shin-Gojira’s skin. The image was, however, requested for removal furthering our point that this plot-point – which we’ve held onto and existed long before the removed image – is still relevant to the film.

People have been chattering about and passing along this “tadpole” tidbit long before the WF image. Recent translation of the soundtrack titles even reveals one suite being named “Landing/Evolution”.

End Edit.

What you’re looking at above is two forms of Godzilla featured at this year’s Wonder Festival in Japan (shared with us by an unnamed source). The first form is, obviously, the one we’re familiar with. What we see beneath him is …. a tadpole… and that’s Godzilla, too.

Godzilla will start out in this film’s lore as a tadpole who will consume living matter around it, slowly growing into the monstrosity known as Shin-Gojira.

Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a major plot point and beloved character trait of Hedorah – one of Godzilla’s most unique and fantastic enemies, first featured in Godzilla vs Hedorah (1971). So if you are a bit thrown off by Toho’s newest Godzilla being an amalgamation of both the Smog Monster and the Big-G – don’t worry. ‘Cause we sure as $#%& were, too.

This all lines up with recent comments by director Anno Hideaki, as well. He was recently quoted in a Japanese press release saying that his Godzilla would be a “fusion of all living things on earth”. This explains the skeletal remains in Godzilla’s tail as well.shin_godzilla_2016_by_katehasboobs-d9yxsz7

Speaking of tails…. nah. Some secrets are best left for the film.

Such a revelation opens the door for many more strange and bizarre possibilities. Is this very aggressive, alien looking Tadpole-Goji from the nether-regions of space? Is it an ancient terrestrial being? What will he look like in-between? Is what we’ve seen his final form? Will nuclear power still have a role in forming Godzilla from something small into something… monstrous?

Surely Shin-Gojira has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve. The world will find out July 29th, 2016.

We’ll keep you updated as always. Until then!

Jon D. B.

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