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Hey fellow fans, Jon D. B. here forwarding along the final trailer for KONG SKULL ISLAND, first shared today by the film’s male lead, Tom Hiddleston, which you can view below. Be warned, however, as it gives quite a bit of glorious footage away a week before the film’s release:

The trailer features, among many fantastic elements, the best use of Eric Burdon & The Animals‘ “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” in ages. The song has served as an unofficial yet fully-embraced theme song for the soldiers of the Vietnam War for decades, and is gloriously fitting as accompaniment to this mashup.


Our final look at the film before its released expands on a few key scenes we’ve glimpsed previously, including Hiddleston’s Captain James Conrad‘s hiring onto the mission and overall role in the fim – as well as Kong’s reveal amongst invading helicopters & his brutal, climactic battle with the Skullcrawlers. It also confirms that Brie Larson’s Weaver will form a classic blonde-to-ape bond with the titular monster, though we’re betting on a much less dated and sexist role for her here, as she looks to play a much more vital role in the film’s plot than “damsel in distress”. Kong looks to be quite attached to her regardless, recreating some classic moments:


A few other things catch the eye, including a much better look at the Skullcrawler’s anatomy. The screencap below gives us a closer look at one of the larger one’s heads, and an eye can clearly be made out further back on the skull than the deceiving “skull-socket” eye their design conveys; Interesting and fun design choice. Not to mention, if you watch this film for any reason let it be this scene. When Kong strips the tree…. lawd’have’mercy:


We’ve heard the studio and director both refer to this version of Kong as a “youngster” who has a lot of growing to do before he faces off with Godzilla in 2020. This makes sense, as there is a good five-decade gap between the film’s 70’s setting and Godzilla vs Kong‘s release date. This shot below really drives home Kong’s young appearance, as he really looks youthful here – especially by giant monster standards. Most Kong’s we’ve seen since the original 1933, especially Peter Jackson’s giant silverback in his 2005 remake, were toted as ancient apes that had lived long, scarred lives. Legendary’s Kong, however, looks to be of an even more tragic setting: young and alone, forced to grow up in a home-turned-graveyard.


SKULL ISLAND, so far, has all the hallmarks of a film made to be enjoyed – and hopefully it delivers & fans embrace it. Massive, massive kudo’s to Legendary’s editing department, as this trailer is phenomenally edited and majestically rhythmic; enticing to say the least. If it’s artistry is any indication of the film’s full effect – we’re in for a hell’ova ride!

I’ll be at the Press Screening for the film March 7th and will have an initial spoiler-free review up for you guys asap – cannot wait for this one. KONG SKULL ISLAND opens March 10th nationwide in the U.S. – Are we ready?


Jon D. B.


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