Hey fandom, Jon D. B. here with an exciting update!

18280959_1843523979306461_381373142_nIt’s been a long time since Megumi Odaka has ventured to the United States (for an assortment of reasons we won’t get into here.) Long story short, the beloved Heisei-era actress made a much-anticipated return for Chiller (NJ) this past April and had an absolute blast. With this wonderful appearance comes something western fans haven’t had access to in decades: signed autographs!

Thanks to our hard-working friends in the fandom responsible for her trip to NYC and NJ, as well as our good pal John of Kaiju Addicts, Megumi Odaka‘s adoring fans now have the opportunity to own lovely prints hand signed by the actress responsible for Miki Saegusa’s endless charm; several, in fact, which we have previews of right here.

If you’d like to grab one for yourself, please do so asap as these were signed in an extremely limited quantity and – once they’re gone – they’re gone. Hop on over to KAIJU ADDICTS’s Collector’s section via FLOSSIE’s Collectibles and snag one! I got the Biollante Roses print for myself, which you can see her signing below:





To view the other prints available, head on over to Flossie’s! Huge thanks to John Stanowski of Kaiju Addicts and Flossie’s for the hi-res shots and for helping make these widely available to fans who couldn’t make it up to Chiller – and everyone else who had a hand in making this possible (you know who you are cough *Jim* cough). These are all, of course, 100% authentic and hand signed by the actress herself, zero duplicates or photo copies have been or ever will be made.

Will you be grabbing a signed print for yourself? If so, which one? It’s a hard choice, for sure, but you win no matter which you choose. Odaka-san’s work in all the “VS” films of the Heisei era is deeply cherished by fans, so these prints and her reignited passion for the fandom are quite priceless. Don’t forget to click any of the photos above or links within the article to snag one for yourself!

Until next time,

Jon D. B.


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