It’s been a long wait, but the details are finally here as well as an official U.S. home-media release date!

Funimation’s U.S. site has revealed their pre-order page for the BD/DVD Combo + UV set, all available to order now for $26.24. The home video package will release in the United States on August 1st, 2017.


This surprise listing also came with full box-art (seen above). Strangely, however, the site only lists the following for special features, which seem immensely lackluster after the amount included with releases in other countries:

  • Godzilla vs. the Nerds: Interview
  • Trailers

Funimation has also given the film a Five Star rating, accompanied by the following synopsis:

When a massive, gilled monster emerges from the deep and tears through the city, the government scrambles to save its citizens. A rag-tag team of volunteers cuts through a web of red tape to uncover the monster’s weakness and its mysterious ties to a foreign superpower. But time is not on their side—the greatest catastrophe to ever befall the world is about to evolve right before their very eyes.

The pre-order page lists full product details for the film, giving the disaster/kaiju feature a TV-MA rating and also confirming that we will indeed be receiving an English language dub of the film:



Are you excited to own Shin Godzilla and watch it whenever you’d like? Or is this an easy pass for you? Either way, we’re thrilled for all the fans who have been waiting patiently (and impatiently, like us) for this release to be announced!

Be sure to visit Funimation’s Pre-Order Page if you want to secure a copy for yourself come August 1st!


Jon D. B.


  1. I still can’t believe that it’s TV-MA. I mean…why!!!? Why would they do that. The subbed version definitely isn’t TV-MA imo so either the Dub added a ton of language or I’m just not gonna understand this rating. If it is language, then this will probably be one of the first times that I really do think the Sub beats the Dub

    • Hey Dreager1,

      It does seem a bit “high” on the scale, does it not? Some of the scenes are a bit graphic as far as giant monster action goes, but I’m struggling to think of a real reason for the MA rating as well.

      Thanks for reading!


      • Yeah, when I saw the film, I expected a TV-14/PG-13 for sure. It’s definitely not a kid’s movie, but at the same time I didn’t find it to be really objectionable. I wouldn’t consider it to be on the same level as Logan or Alien: Covenant in terms of blood, guts, and language. Definitely an interesting choice, perhaps they feel it will sell better if it’s TV-MA for some reason

  2. Given the overwhelming critical and commercial success of Shin Godzilla, I was hoping for a Blu-ray/DVD release here in North America that would have some decent extras. Something along the line of the release by Madman Entertainment in Australia would have been nice:

    Theatrical Trailers
    Pre-Visuals & Outtakes
    Making VFX – Shin Godzilla Visual Effects Breakdown
    Pre-Visual Reel

    I believe, in my heart, that a release like this would not be too much to ask for this seminal Godzilla film.

    Well, at least we’re getting what will hopefully be a pretty good English dub, with 17 voice actors.

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