Hey fandom, Jon D. B. here with an exciting… and confusing reveal.

Godzilla-Anime.com has updated, giving us our first real look at the design for Toho’s feature-length Godzilla anime, Godzilla: Monster Planet…. and he sure looks familiar:

The official poster for 2017’s GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET, provided by TOHO

No, that is not a black and white print of Legendary’s Godzilla… this is Toho’s latest approved design for the Big G. From what we can see of the website and this poster above, Monster Planet is set to feature a very familiar take on the King of the Monsters. The texture of his hide seems to be a bit different, but everything else – from the thick, stumpy proportions to the now iconic snout shape – all are very much Legendary-Godzilla-inspired.

Of course, this is just a simple silhouette-type reveal, so we could still be in store for a few radical differences and/or surprises. This is hopefully the case, as cinematoday.jp has released an article spotlighting the design reveal as well, with a few interesting tidbits. Cinema Today notes that this will be, again, the largest Godzilla on record – as he has had 20,000 years to reign Earth unopposed by humans. Co-director Tsutomu Hosono also notes that his long reign and evolution has resulted in massive build-up of “muscle fibers” into an incredibly “formidable form”. We’ve included a basic English translation of cinematoday.jp‘s story & insight for you below:

Godzilla ‘s silhouette appearing in “Godzilla – Monster Planet -” which makes the “Godzilla” series the first animation movie has been released. In this work, Godzilla, which continued to grow on the earth for 20,000 years, appears, its scale will be “the largest successive size” beyond “Shin · Godzilla” individuals. The release date was decided on November 17.

 The emergence of giant creatures “monster” and the ultimate existence to destroy that monster “Godzilla”. After the war with the monsters for half a century, human beings carry out the Earth Escape Plan. However, the land that has reached over 20 years is not a viable environment, human beings return to the earth by dangerous long distance subspace navigation. However, the arriving earth has already passed for 20 thousand years. In this work, Godzilla, which has continued to grow and continues to reign on the earth, is drawn from the fate of humanity.

 The released animated version of Godzilla ‘s silhouette is clearly different from the individual who appeared in “Shin · Godzilla” of Hideaki Anno who recorded a hit last year, and director Hiroyuki Sakoshi said, “To support massive mass The unique body structure and the accumulation of muscle fibers made it an enormously formidable form. ”

 Co-director Tsutomu Hosono says, “Because I had permission from Toho from the beginning because I do not have to be bound by Godzilla so far, I think that the cool idea Godzilla unique to animation has been completed with free thought,” Toho Yoshihiro Furusawa Producer “As a result of continuing to grow as a life for 20,000 years, Godzilla of the greatest size exceeding the individuals that appear in” Shin · Godzilla “was born, reigning on the earth for a long time, original ecosystem Please look forward to the appearance of Godzilla who has built up. ”

 It is the popular voice actor Mamoru Miyano who plays the hero Halo who burns with revenge on Godzilla who killed his parents. In addition, Takahiro Sakurai, Kana Hanazawa, Tomokazu Sugita, Hiroki Kaji, Junichi Suwabe participate. The story drafts and screenplays are in charge of fictitious veterans known as TV animation “Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica” series. (Editorial department, Koichi Ikura)

The movie “Godzilla – Monster Planet -” will be released nationwide from November 17


G-anime.com has also updated with an Intro & Story page, of which we’ve included the English translation here:

Ever since it was first released as a feature film in 1954, “Godzilla” has come to be a colossal cultural icon loved by millions around the world. The 2016 release of “SHIN GODZILLA”, directed by Hideaki Anno, reinvigorated the franchise, bringing a completely novel and realistic depiction of the iconic monster story, which earned 82.5 million dollars at the box-office and captured the imagination of new and old fans alike. Now in 2017, “Godzilla” continues to surprise everyone along a new evolutionary path as a feature-length animated film.

“GODZILLA” the animated movie takes the franchise into the uncharted territory of a future world in which Godzilla has dominated the earth for the past 20,000 years with mankind as diaspora, culminating in a fateful final confrontation.

Directing is Kobun Shizuno whose theatrical realize of “Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare” last year grossed 63.3 million dollars, the highest attendance ever for that famed franchise. He is joined by another proven talent on the cutting edge of computer graphics, Hiroyuki Seshita, as director and executive director of recently-topical anime including “Knights of Sidonia” (’14) and “Ajin” (’16) Penning both the story and screenplay is Gen Urobuchi of “PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA” (’11) and “Psycho-Pass” (’12), a writer known to his large and loyal fan base as a master of meticulous and unpredictable storytelling laced with powerful ideas. Finally, handling the production is 3-consecutive Emmy award winning Japanese 3DCG animation studio, Polygon Pictures, which produced “Knights of Sidonia” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” on U.S. television earning Outstanding Special Class Animated Program at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Prepare for the earth-shattering roar of a brand new “GODZILLA”, unlike anything heard or seen before.

What do you think of the reveal after all this time? Were you expecting something else, or are you excited for such a well known & modern take on Godzilla?

Let us know in the comments below, or by visiting our Facebook page! We’ll keep you updated as always,


Jon D. B.

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