We are terribly sad to report today that one of Japan’s most beloved classic film actresses, Yuriko Hoshi [星 由里子], has passed at the relatively young age of 74. She will be deeply missed by the tokusatsu fandom, and of course her friends and family.

Takarada-san greets fellow Toho actors Yuriko Hoshi (middle) and Machiko Naka (right) at his birthday bash in 2015. Photo courtesy of and property of Brett Homenick at ‘Sidelong Glances’.

Hoshi-san is best known to Toho enthusiasts for her roles in two of the Showa era’s finest films, Mothra vs Godzilla and Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster; though her career was long and prolific outside of these works having starred in almost 100 films over an incredible six decades. She made a return to the Godzilla franchise in 2000’s Godzilla vs Megaguirus, and had made a successful television & film career in her final years. Her final film, Oh’oka Echizen: Shirasu ni Saita Shinjitsu, was released on Japanese television this past year.

Promo photo for Mothra vs Godzilla (1964), starring Yuriko Hoshi. Courtesy of Toho Co. Ltd.

星 由里子さんがお亡くなりになりました。残念でたまりません。

Yuriko Hoshi actress. She passed away.Very sorry and disappointed.

Yuji Nishimura

Confirmation of Hoshi’s tragic passing comes to us from friend Yuji Nishimura, better known as Mr. M1 to fans.

Our deepest condolences to her family and friends during this difficult time, and to all fans feeling the loss of another Showa-era great.


Rest in peace, Hoshi-san. Your talent, bravery, and beauty will continue to inspire generations of film-lovers for ages to come.

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Jon D. B.


  1. She is truly amazing actress and she is one favorites and my favorites movies of her are godzilla vs mothra,ghidrah the three headed monster ,godzilla vs megaguirus and she will aways be remeber by me and all godzilla fan and she will be missed r.i.p .

  2. she is truly best japapanesse actress and hot i ave see in many year and my favorites of her are godzilla vs mothra,ghidrah the three headed monster,godzilla vs megaguirus and she will be missed buy me and all godzilla fan r.i.p .

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