Takashima-san-passses-skreeonkIt is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of beloved Toho actor, Tadao Takashima-san. His family announced his passing to Japanese news outlets on the 26th of June. Takashima-san was eighty-eight years old, and will long be remembered by tokusatsu fans for his stellar performances in classics like King Kong vs. Godzilla, Atragon, Frankenstein Conquers the World, and a personal favorite – Son of Godzilla.

Takashima lended an intelligence and warmth to every project he worked on, to the point that each of his characters still resonate with fans some fifty years on. Son of Godzilla features one of Toho’s best characters because of his talent – Professor Kusumi – seen below during the film’s beloved ending:

Takashima-san looks on at the results of his successful climate-altering device, his character featuring prominently as Professor Kusumi in 1967′ vastly underrated SON OF GODZILLA.

The late actor began his entertainment career with Toho in 1952, but had already established himself as a talented Jazz musician and singer. With his vocal talents and distinguished good looks, Takashima-san was cast often as a romantic lead, especially in films of musical origin. Once he began working with Toho, however, Takashima became a staple in their golden-era tokusatsu films, working in such notable features as:

Lobby cards for Toho’s FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD heavily featured Takashima-san, seen here with co-stars Kumi Mizuno and Nick Adams. [Courtesty of TOHO Co. Ltd.]
Yahoo! Japan broke the news early this morning local time, giving the following statement:

Tadao Takashima dies on 26th and is 88 years old

6/28 (Fri) 11:45 delivery

      Actor Tadao Takashima died at home at 13:01 on the 26th due to his aging. 88 years old. The affiliated office announced by fax on the 28th. Tonight, the funeral ceremony was performed by the family only on the 27th at the hope of the bereaved. [Photo] I can’t see it anymore … In my family! According to Takahiro Masahiro, Sumika Mikayo, Takashima Tadao and Takamine Masanobu, the office said that the wife, Kosumi Mikashiro, became a family-only burialian with the hope of “ending off with the family.” There are no plans for a farewell party.  

     Mr. Takashima entered the entertainment world in 1951 as the first student of the New Toho movie “New Toho Starlet”. The following 52nd year, she debuted in the movie “Koi no Cheeran”. In the same year, he starred for the first time in “Cheite niece’s memories willow”, and since then he has been active as a singing star starring in New Toho.  

     “My wife and actress Kotobuki Mikayo and I met from the guest appearance on the TV program “The Seasonal Musical” by Choi, and I got married after two years of dating.”

     In 1964, a five-month-old eldest son, Michio-kun, was suffered by the case of being killed by a 17-year-old housekeeper at the time, but overcame a tragedy and now has an active second son, Masahiro, and a third son, Masanobu.  

     In addition to diabetes and alcoholism, due to a change in presidency of “Gochi-sama”, a work with attachment since 71 years, and a hospitalization of the mother, etc., severe depression develops in 1998. He also struggled with illness, including Parkinson’s disease and surgery to attach a pacemaker to the heart in 2010 for arrhythmias.

Such beloved Showa-era icons are leaving us at a heartbreaking pace. Such is the nature of time – but let us celebrate Takashima-san’s fruitful long life by continuing to enjoy his films for many years to come. Our condolences go out to all family, friends, and fans of Takashima-san during this time of loss. May his soul forever know peace.



Jon D. B.

One more glorious lobby card for Toho’s FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD featuring Takashima-san with co-stars Kumi Mizuno and Nick Adams. [Courtesty of TOHO Co. Ltd.]

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  1. really sad to hear this. i grew up seeing him in his films and saw his sons in GODZILLA VS. –
    battling depression years ago. he will be missed. RIP.

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