Fantastic news for kaiju collectors today – and what better way to celebrate Ultraman Day! Our friends over at Seismic have just revealed their newest toy line, and it’s in collaboration with the one and only Tsuburaya Productions, home of Ultraman!

“Jirahs [also known as Jirass] and its mighty frill looms large over your collection with a bold and translucent reimagining!” cites Seismic’s press release Saturday. Jirahs is the first vinyl coming our way as part of their ULTRAMAN VINYL ODYSSEY collection. He’s a full 9 inch standard vinyl (think Marmit, M1, Gigabrain) and comes in Seismic’s brilliant translucent technique.

Pre-sale now available for $129.99 USD + S&H!

See images and full press release below courtesy of Seismic, and get ready to add this fantastic Ultra Monster to your collection:

Toronto, July 10th Ultraman Vinyl Odyssey, a brand new line of premium soft vinyl toys from Seismic, LLC, has been announced in conjunction with Ultraman’s 55th anniversary. The line launches this fall with Jirahs, followed by two additional toys to be announced later this year.

Jirahs stands 9 inches tall and features a mix of metallic and translucent materials to create a striking “light glow” effect. Jirahs is sculpted by Michael Lambert and features header card art by Bill Couture. Each figure will feature unique header card art from an exciting selection of popular artists. Pre-orders have opened now in advance of the fall release, as each figure in the series is a limited edition and will not be re-issued.

“We are incredibly excited to offer brand new, original toys of some of our favorite Ultraman characters from our childhood,” Seismic Chief Creative Officer Alex Rushdy explained. “We grew up with toys in the ’80s and ’90s that were bright, bold, and unique from what you saw on TV. We are bringing that energy to the world of Ultraman.”

Jirahs, one of Ultraman’s classic adversaries, was famously created by repurposing a Godzilla costume from Toho and adding a wide reptilian frill for its debut in Episode 10 of the original Ultraman series.

Jirahs ships this fall with pre-sale now available for $129.99 USD + S&H. Orders can be placed through Ultraman Connection (, directly from Seismic Toys (, as well as some of your favorite soft vinyl toy retailers.

Check out images of Jirahs, as well as Ultraman Vinyl Odyssey branding assets here. About Seismic, LLC.

Seismic is an independent premium soft vinyl toy company creating bold, colorful, nostalgic pieces that will “shake up your collection.” The company is the brainchild of Alex Rushdy and Christopher Oglio- two lifelong fans of kaiju and soft vinyl toys. They released their first figure, Megadon, in 2019 in partnership with 13AM Games.

About Tsuburaya Productions

Tsuburaya Productions, the Japanese entertainment studio founded in 1963 by special visual effects pioneer Eiji Tsuburaya, is best known for producing the Ultraman Series. “To spark viewers’ imaginations, provide hope for the future, and cultivate kindness in young viewers’ hearts” was the wish of the company’s founder. His words strongly express his passion and attitude toward both creating a world which no one has ever seen, as well as delivering warmth and kindness through his creations to all viewers.

Inheriting his desire, Tsuburaya Productions has evolved into a global entertainment company providing content, products and services full of creativity and innovation to people around the world. The goal is to build a brand that will not only fascinate viewers with the enthralling Ultraman and Kaiju characters, but will also cultivate, enjoy and acknowledge the virtues of “Courage,” “Hope” and “Kindness.”

For more information visit:

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