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SKREEONK! has compiled a list of recommended vendors in every category – from online stores to top sellers – in order to help fellow enthusiasts find the best deals, largest selections, and most importantly – correct pricing. Below is said list, along with our recommendations and favorite sellers. Enjoy – and happy shopping! But don’t forget, we are all about the kaiju collecting community here – so if you have any input on the stores below, store reviews, or just want to share something with us regarding the kaiju marketplace, leave us a comment here on this page! We’ll respond and post your info ASAP.

First, check our own Kaiju Fan Marketplace for exclusive SKREEONK T-SHIRTS and items directly from fans like you at the absolute best prices anywhere!



250x250_aff_kaijuEntertainment Earth is a partner and affiliate of Skreeonk.com’s that offers all the new SHMA, Bandai, X-Plus, Marmit, Medicom, Neca, and Diamond (etc) merchandise we know and love. They offer free shipping on a whole lot of expensive items, which saves a ton of money, and offer free returns as well. Long story short, EE has a killer selection and can become super addictive! We obviously recommend checking out their selection – and they offer PRICE MATCHING on everything in their Kaiju selection – so don’t hesitate to shoot them an email and combine free shipping with price match to get a hell of a deal!

Selection: Excellent     Pricing: Price-Match Guarantee!

Navigation: Great    Customer Service: Excellent


xplussitelogoThe official X-Plus site goes by their Ric-boy moniker, which also refers to their exclusive, from-site-only editions of each release that are not available elsewhere; like lightups, swappable sculpts, additional figures, etc. Only Japanese citizens can order directly from the Ric site, but having a proxy service like TENSO (now Buyee) will get you in the door, no problem. X-Plus is our favorite company as far as product and service, and it doesn’t hurt that we’re personal friends with the head honcho himself. So if you ever need anything or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out or comment below! X-Plus now ships internationally directly from their Ric site, too!***

Selection: One of a kind     Pricing: High-end exclusives

Navigation: Excellent    Customer Service: Unbeatable


G-Store-1The Godzilla store is the first and only licensed, official store sanctioned by TOHO to sell all Godzilla-related merch. They’ve got a ton of exclusives, as well as a physical hub in Tokyo which any fan visiting the city should absolutely scour. The store does not ship internationally, though, so you’ll need a third-party proxy service such as TENSO so purchase from the Godzilla Store.

Selection: Exclusives Galore!     Pricing: Japan Retail pricing / good

Navigation: Japanese Language   Customer Service: N/A


Seismic-LogoSeismic Toys may not have been in the game for as long as some of the other sites on our list, but their customer service, fantastic selection, and near-unbeatable prices on classics & vintage items makes them a must-visit for any kaiju collector. From classic tagged Bandais to beloved sofubi like Marmit, M1, and the original Bullmarks, these gents are as passionate about collecting and the fandom as those they sell to. Seismic strives to make sure every single customer is thrilled with their purchase. Give our friends at Seismic, LLC a visit asap – you won’t regret it!

Selection: Excellent     Pricing: Excellent

Navigation: Excellent    Customer Service: Excellent


14333762417331080043553Showcase Daikaiju was the first store on this list with all “Excellent” scores in our categories, and it’s pretty obvious as to why once you visit this simple yet straight-forward treasure trove of a store. If you’re looking to collect classic or vintage vinyls, posters, etc – this is the place for you! The owner is a friend, and he’ll take care of you 100%.

Selection: Excellent     Pricing: Excellent

Navigation: Excellent    Customer Service: Excellent


flossieslogoFlossie’s Gifts has a glorious Godzilla section full of X-Plus, S.H. MonsterArts, and every other top-name-brand you’d expect. It’s run by our good pal and collaborator John Stanowski of KaijuAddicts, who is unrivaled in dealer’s and customer service within the collecting community. If you’re looking for top notch kaiju vinyl with fantastic prices, look no further. John offers paypal payment plans, ships UPS w/ tracking every time, and even imports Japan-exclusive items for the fans here in the U.S. Can’t beat Flossie’s!

Selection: Excellent     Pricing: Unbeatable

Navigation: Excellent    Customer Service: Unbeatable


CLAWMARK TOYS is probably the most extensive, well known, and longest running kaiju marketplace online. The owners are a big part of the fandom and have been for years. Their customer satisfaction is unmatched – but the store has higher prices due to the nature of importing Japanese collectibles. Clawmark does have a reputation for making rare figures available to the masses, which is always a wonderful thing. Outside of their massive Godzilla collection, they also carry other collectibles – including an extensive dinosaur section. Off of sheer trust and name value, this store speaks for itself – a definite must visit for any collector. Just make sure you’ve got some time on your hands!

We are happy to announce that Clawmark Toys is back up and as strong as ever! Make sure to visit their site for some of the rarest vinlys available today!

Selection: Excellent     Pricing: Fair

Navigation: Good    Customer Service: Great


16344120_10104844879369783_1572229024_nVampire Robots is a relatively new but absolutely killer addition to the community. Run by a pal and fellow fan who has really stepped up to help take care of vinyl enthusiasts both online and at conventions across the country, we can guarantee great customer service from VR. If you’re looking for excellent prices on Marmits (via Medicom), X-Plus, Neca, and more, they’ve got you covered. The site is super easy to navigate, and has a ton of other fandoms covered as well if you feel like branching out. Long story short – we definitely recommend purchasing from our friends at Vampire Robots!

Selection: Great     Pricing: Excellent

Navigation: Excellent    Customer Service: Excellent


hd_logomark_eHobby Search is a top-notch place to grab X-Plus items directly from Japan (as well as may other brands such as Bandai), and they ship EMS directly to the US very reliably. Their prices are low, they’ve got a great points program, and we’ve got a ton of personal positive experience with their ordering & customer service. Be patient, however, as their employees are all in Japan, and English is a second language.

Selection: Good    Pricing: Great

Navigation: Good   Customer Service: Great


HobbyLink Japan is an excellent, current, and always up-to-date Japanese pop culture online store. And that mouthful is just the tip of the iceberg! They carry an extensive amount of figures, models, and all that falls inbetween. If you’re looking for Godzilla, Ultraman, or any sort of Kaiju/sentai figures – this place has an outstanding selection! All of their prices are listen in Yen, but the site graciously provides a translation into both US and European currency. They also display all of their shipping prices specific to each item with said item, and provide shoppers with three different shipping options. As stated – this place is a fantastic resource and online store. If you’re looking for recently released X-Plus Japan figures, HLJ will have them at the absolute best prices online, guaranteed.

Selection: Excellent     Pricing: Reflects overseas market

Navigation: Excellent  Customer Service: Excellent


amiami_logo_eAmiAmi carries much of the same in the way of Godzilla/Ultra merchandise as Hobbylink, but also managed to ship X-Plus Ghidorah’s in the bare X-Plus box without any protection/boxing whatsoever, so they’ve lost any sort of reccommendation we’d ever give to collectors.

Selection: Good     Pricing: Reflects overseas market

Navigation: Good  Customer Service: Poor – Not Recommended


defaultToyFreakz is a personal recommendation of mine. If you’re looking for highly-articulated Kaiju – S.H. Monsterarts or Revoltech – this site has ’em, especially the new releases. TF frequently offers free shipping, and has always keeps their prices fair when coinciding with new releases (which is rare these days). ToyFreakz also has a direct relationship with the creator of Y-MSF vinyls, and always has exclusives in stock that you can’t find anywhere else.

Selection: Good      Pricing: Great

Navigation: Excellent   Customer Sevice: Excellent


 TT has updated with a brand new site! Click their Logo to go! Dont worry, the name is much more suggestive than the store. It’s a collector’s site, I promise! Racey name aside, TEMPTING TOYS is a quirky little store to browse. The site is categorized by ‘friends and foes’ etc, and they’ve got a large inventory with a ton of rare figures. This site is, however, a good example of stateside mark-ups. Any item on this site can be found for half the price on a Japanese site, but availability dictates pricing – and many people are willing to pay higher prices for less hassle. They don’t carry much outside of the Godzilla genre (poor Gamera), but this is another good visit for kaiju collectors. TT also specializes in Y-MSF figures, and has a direct contact with their creator.

Selection: Great     Pricing: Fair to Pricey

Navigation: Great    Customer Service: Great


BBTS is a great place to find rare items – but is also one of the most updated and active stores out there as well (as far as pre orders go). Their pricing is great, and the site is quite a breeze to navigate. This place is indeed a Big Bad Toy Store, and will keep the kaiju collector in you very satisfied. Due to their constantly fair priced items, BBTS is comes highly recommended from us here at SKREEONK!

Selection: Excellent    Pricing: Great/Fair

Navigation: Excellent     Customer Service: Great


TOYS n JOYS is one of the internet’s best kept secrets as far as a kaiju collector is concerned. They’re obviously in touch with the fandom, and keep an eye on their pricing and selection (which are both excellent, by the way.) There’s not much more to say other than TnJ is another store that comes highly recommended from us here at SKREEONK!***GREAT SELECTION – GREAT PRICES***

Selection: Excellent    Pricing: Great

Navigation: Excellent     Customer Service: Great


NakamalogoNakama Toys is an online retailer specializing in imports including all kinds of Tokusatsu goodness.  They’re an excellent up to date site with plenty of pre-orders available. Expect to see product updates and promos from Nakama here on Skreeonk, as we’re directly collaborating with this fine store to bring you the most up-to-date info on their inventory.

Selection: Great    Pricing: Manufacturer-Based

Navigation: Excellent     Customer Service: Excellent


 ANIME JUNGLE has their own dedicated Godzilla/Gamera section entitled G-JUNGLE, and it’s not bad at all. This site is sleek, easy to browse, and offers a great selection of decently priced vinyls. However, this place carries NEW to RECENT products of the past two decades, and isn’t really a place you’re going to find older, vintage items.

Selection: Good     Pricing: Good/Medium

Navigation: Excellent     Customer Service: Good


Grumble Toys is an upscale, up-to-date japanese vinyl dealer that specializes in “vintage-esque” figures. They’ve got an extensive inventory – but be forewarned that only about 20% of their items are big-name kaiju. Check this place out, it is worth your time. If you’re looking for any pre-orders from the Japanese vinyl market, chances are Grumble toys has it up and waiting to drain your savings!

Selection: Good     Pricing: Reflects overseas market

Navigation: Great  Customer Service: Poor



ToyWiz is THE example of a ‘collectibles’ store online that taylors to the ignorance of unexperienced shoppers or those new to a fandom. They carry a good bit of Godzilla merchandise, but the pricing is a hack job. DO NOT BUY from this store. I guarantee you can find what you want at any of the other stores above for less. This store isn’t a part of the Godzilla fandom, and the pricing reflects that. This is a corporate store online – not a collector’s store. Just save yourself some money and grief and shop elsewhere.

Selection: Good    Pricing: HORRIBLE

Navigation: Decent    Customer Service: HORRIBLE


 Monsters In Motion is a great store for, you guessed it, Monster Merchandise! They have an extensive “Godzilla & Friends” section, which is absolutely worth checking out. Their selection is relatively easy to browse – everything is divided up into alphabetical sections (A-F, G-M, etc). MiM is one of the most frequently updated stores on this list, and will be carrying the SH Monster Arts line – a new line of highly articulated/detailed Godzilla figures. Their pricing is market oriented, but can be a bit pricey otherwise.

Selection: Excellent     Pricing: Fair

Navigation: Good   Customer Service: Great


MONSTERLAND TOYS has a hell of an inventory – literally – both in a good and a bad way. This store carries everything you would ever need as far as kaiju collecting goes, but a lot of there items are out of stock, and remain out of stock for long periods of time. That, and the site is an absolute nightmare to try and navigate. It’s worth a skim, but this place doesn’t come highly recommended.

Selection: Outdated Inventory    Pricing: Decent

Navigation: Poor    Customer Service: N/A


Now here’s a decent yet slightly unknown store. They’ve got an excellent inventory, but I could do without their pricing. Monster Island Toys isn’t horrific like some of the stores above, but… lets just say they’re making $20 on $14 figures. I cant say that this store doesn’t come recommended, though – because for every overpriced item they have, there’s another decently priced one. That, and like I said – their selection is ballin’.

Selection: Excellent     Pricing: Med/High

Navigation: Great     Customer Service: Great


Monster Planet Toys is an old-school looking site, but dont let that fool you. They’re updated pretty consistently with all the latest mainstream collectibles, and have a lot of newer figures/statues from X-Plus. Its worth a look, especially if you want to know what’s new out there!

Selection: Decent/Limited      Pricing: Fair, reflects market!

Navigation: Good     Customer Service: Good


logo_buyeeBuyee.jp allows US customers to bid on auctions through Yahoo Japan’s immersive listing-base. YJ is the eBay of Japan, and Buyee opens the floodgates as a proxy service. Their shipping and handling rates are very high, but they offer access to otherwise unobtainable auctions for us Westerners. Sign up for an account with them if you’re ready to dive in!


SMJ resembles a relic of 1990’s internet crazyness. Old school web design aside, the site uses Japanese in its main displays AND searches … but SWEET ZEUS is it a goldmine! Everything that isn’t available to those of us outside of Japan is up for grabs here – SMJ is a ‘buyer service’, which basically means you’ll bid through them and they make the purchase for you. This opens the door (after you sign up and pay a deposit amount of your choice) for citizens outside of Japan to purchase goods from Yahoo Japan and several other excellent sources of rare Japanese Vinyl. Curators will then inform you of the shipping of your items along its journey, which you pay for when notified. Its not as complicated as it sounds, I promise. I do, however, recommend browsing this amazing treasure trove of Japanese goodies with Google Chrome – use their incredible translating tool to make the experience a lot more user-friendly. Click the logo above, and enter a keyword into the search box. It’ll prompt you to click the word you just entered (on the next page) if its a category, such as “Godzilla” or “Ultraman”. Do note that you have been warned of several service fees and should expect multiple shipping costs from this site. But you didnt expect to get extremely rare collectibles all the way from Japan to your front door for dirt cheap, now did you? ***SMJ Has Been Updated with English Texts for Western Browsers like Google Chrome***



– ToyTokyo.com has a great selection of rare vinyls  for the more experienced of collectors.

– http://www.lulubelltoys.com/ (upscale Vinyl dealer. Cool figures, reflects overseas market)

– ROTOFUGI.com (see above description)

New Goji Items from EntertainmentEarth.com (worth a visit!)

– http://tokusatsurevoltech.com/ (Revoltech’s official website for their amazing line of figures!)

RoboToys’ Godzilla Section (worth a visit)

– Vintage Stuff from KaijuZoo.com (might not be updated any longer)

– Plushes & Bobbles from Troll&Toad (worth a visit)

– Godzilla Toys @ Toys-R-Us.com (last resort)

– Amazon.com’s Godzilla Store (horrible mess/last resort)

– Godzilla DVD’s from Buy.com (great prices!)

– http://kaijumodeler.com/index.html (Not sure how up to date they are, but they’ve got some impressive kits for sale!)

Agintoys.com (incredibly pricey, but full of rare Japanese vinyls!)



(Cover photo copyright and courtesy of John Stanowski @ KaijuAddicts.com)

If you have any suggestions for sellers or stores to add to this list – or if you’d like to submit a review or experience for one of the above sellers – just shoot us an email at jonatuncanny@gmail.com.


  1. You’ve got to be kidding me about Grumble Toys??? They’re terrible. On several occassions I’ve ordered from them and there was always an issue, whether it was them claiming to send out an item, only to be informed later that the item was never sent out due to it being out of stock, from them simply not answering any of the customers questions in regards to e-mails about orders. Chris wastes no time in taking the customer’s money, but when a problem arises he’s suddenly incapable of providing the customer with information so they can track their item. I’d rather never own a desired figure than to take a chance ordering from them again.

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