You’ve found our old archive of figure reviews before the days of COLLECTOR’s UPDATES and collecting on social media. Below is each glorious relic of the past, some with information still worth reading, i.e. the comprehensive histories of both Hedorah and Jet Jaguar in vinyl form.


Hedorah (Showa)

Jet Jaguar

When referring to a production line of figures, a size in inches is placed next to the figure’s namesake. Producers such as Marmit and M1Go have named scale they use, with such words as ‘Standard’ (used to describe their general figures, sized at approx 9″) ‘Mini’ (3-4″ figures), and ‘Giant’ (12″ and above). Other companies, such as Bandai, produce figures on a scale known by its size in inches (insert pun here). Their most popular line is of 6″ kaiju from all walks of Japanese cinema  (a line so successful that only one other company is allowed to produce Kaiju vinyls on the 6″ scale – Y-MSF). The figures are all based around a 6″ scale, but some can be anywhere inbetween four and twelve inches, depending on the Kaiju’s general size to its fellow monsters in film continuity. A good example would be of a Minya and a King Ghidorah Bandai figure side by side. Minya would be around 4″ tall, but Ghidorah would stand about 9 1/2 inches, with a 12″ wingspan. Both are, however, still part of a 6″ production line.

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