Three of the greatest monsters in history do battle. Tokyo becomes their warzone.

Also known as Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., the film was originally released as Godzilla X Mothra X Mechagodzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (ゴジラ×モスラ×メカゴジラ SOS Gojira tai Mosura tai Mekagojira Tōkyō Esu Ō Esu).

Tokyo SOS is one of my favorite Godzilla movies. The plot is nothing special, but the effects and action are top-notch. I see this flick as the closest we have to a Hollywood summer blockbusters in the franchise.

Like I said, story-wise, this film is lacking. It’s basically the previous film with some of the original Mothra crammed in as well. It actually takes place in the same continuity, building up on the connects its predecessor made by bringing in aspects and even a major character from Mothra. But the monsters? Man, does this flick deliver! While Godzilla is as stiff as he was in Against Mechagodzilla, Kiryu is as sleek as ever, and the Mothra prop looks awesome. Tokyo SOS has to have the best effects of any G-film. While other movies have had certain effects stand out (like Godzilla’s breath in GMK), this film delivers all-around. I honestly can’t recall any particularly sour effects. And there are several awesome visuals that just leap out at you, demanding your attention. The action sequences are very well done too. They’re dynamic and satisfying, with all three monsters getting their moments to shine. Godzilla in particular, considering his lack of personality in the previous movie. As opposed to the big dumb brute he plays in Against Mechagodzilla, here he’s considerably more cunning and tenacious. Mothra’s sacrifice for her larvae is also quite noble as well.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this film? The score. The incredible, memorable, plain awesome score. Oshima really outdoes herself in this one. I love that each monster gets a unique tune. Godzilla’s and Kiryu’s are particularly good, one ominous and dangerous-sounding, the other heroic and blaring. And the pieces used for the battles are just excellent. They make me wanna get up and get a chunk of the action (even as poorly as that would go for me…).

In summary, if you feel like some mindless fun, I highly suggest this film. It’s a great popcorn flick.

– HayesAJones


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