Greetings from the year 2013 – Jon @ UnCanny here!

I can’t believe its been so long since I’ve updated this darn place, but here we are! I’ve got the results from Godzilla’s Birthday poll here to kick off another year of collecting, as well as some excellent items from my personal collection that I’m selling on the Marketplace. Be sure to check HERE for all the great new stuff listed on the KFM – all at the lowest prices online – or just click the big blue button on the right as per always! Here are some of the items being sold now:

As for the poll – we had 250 votes when the poll closed a month ago – Not bad! Here’s what the fans have to say, and I’ll admit the results are very surprising!

PollResultsAs you can see to the left, expected candidates like Goji 54 and 62 came in with a good amount of votes, holding a respective 10% each, give or take.

The real surprises come in with DAM and Megaro Goji – both coming out on top as well! Megaro Goji is a favorite of mine, but I thought I was in the minority there.

Bio and Heisei Goji both gain an honorable mention as well, seeing as they both pulled a respectable 10% each as well.

The winner is, however, a true underdog. Representing the heart of the Showa era – our winner is DAM Goji! With nearly 13%, a truly divided fandom gave one Godzilla the true title of King of the Monsters!

Thats all for now, folks. I apologize for the absence at the end of 2012 there – things got crazy! I can assure you that the Marketplace will be going no where anytime soon, and that Skreeonk is here to stay! Take care of yourself Kaiju fans, and until next time!

Jon @ UnCanny

He is good with the fans, after all...
He is good with the fans, after all…


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