UPDATE: Godzilla has officially wrapped filming, and the final design will be revealed tomorrow! SDCC will be hosting Legendary’s official reveal in their infamous Hall H, and going by what Legendary has done so far I’d say we’re in for a big event! The reveal will happen tomorrow during 10:45 and 1:15pm Pacific. Cant wait to see the final design!

We’ve all seen the new amazing poster – but just in case, I’ve added it to our comprehensive GODZILLA page – and will proudly display it below. They don’t make ’em like this anymore – such a great piece all around.

If you’ve missed either our extensive write up on the new Godzilla design/concepts – as well as our exclusive ‘first official piece’ of concept art for the film – just click on the links to obersve (or simply scroll down to the previous two articles).

The photo to the left was taken at SDCC via Instagram user rickyleestf – and is exactly what it looks like. Bandai seems set to reveal Godzilla’s final design in the form of a new vinyl figure based on the film incarnation. The anticipation is killing… well, all of us!  We’ll have a peek underneath that silky sheet tomorrow (aka Saturday… and that was a tad dirty sounding, yes?). When that curtain is pulled you bet your ass we will be all over it. For now, enjoy the poster!


Jon @ UnCanny

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  1. U know, I’ve been a Godzilla fan all my life. This is my option to you Jon, to basically expressing my personal feeling of this Godzilla suit or CG looks in this film. Don’t take it personally. “This is my option!”Godzilla 2000 was a burn for me when I first saw him, Except he still have some feature of the old Showa godzilla series suits. I am not talking about fire breath, not talking about running or standing on your ground, I am talking about the Look of the Suit. The suits for this 1 looks very,very Dragon fantasy like. Godzilla Never look like a Dragon. This 1, he looks exactly like a Dragon with a huge neck. Godzilla always walk like a man with a tail behind him. But I swear this Godzilla looks too much like a Dragon, not just that. Godzilla Final Wars, Godzilla is very skinny how come all of the sudden he’s huge and Fat in this movie? I know the Showa godzilla was still very young, so the Heisei he grew Bigger and with Muscles which makes sense. The 2000s he’s older but with large and Green looking. That’s why I said when I first saw 2000 he’s got me less interest in him. But this 1………….I don’t want to even click with it because of this Suits flaws on the Real Godzilla. I don’t feel close with this design of godzilla. The Best Godzilla I think would be Great for this film I think is the Final wars Godzilla Poster Art where Godzilla tail is wagging in front of us with little buildings in the background. Is there a camera on this commenting page where I can send you my design for this movie?

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