Update 09/18/13: Hey everyone! I’ve received some excellent feedback and comments on the first three episodes of the show, and have made some changes. Several listeners have requested a Mono format for the podcasts to make listening easier – and I see no harm in that! To help you guys out I have completely reformatted Episode 3 and updated all of the links. I also noticed something was causing the audio quality of Ep. 3 to fritz – fixed that as well. And just to be clear – All episodes from 3 on will be in Mono for easier listening!

Thanks again everyone for listening and making the show such a success so far. Please keep the feedback/comments coming, and if there is anything else we can do to improve the show for the fandom consider it done!

=================Original Post Below:

Whats up fellow fans – is back with the third episode of SKREEONK LIVE! – An in depth professional podcast for the Kaiju fandom covering every topic from films and collecting to comics and music.

Click the photo to the left to listen – Or just click here!

Episode three dives deeply into the Gamera filmography and the recently leaked Marketing art for Legendary’s GODZILLA.  Join Jon @ UnCanny and Sid Lazarus as they revisit everything from the ridiculous original Gamera films – all the way up to the masterful Heisei Gamera Trilogy in all its’ glory. This week we’re also discussing the much talked about mug of Legendary’s Godzilla – in the form of leaked marketing art.

Thanks again for listening!

Jon @ UnCanny

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