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Category: Skreeonk LIVE! Podcast

Skreeonk LIVE! Podcast 0

Skreeonk LIVE! Episode 3: The Original Mutant Turtle – Will Gamera Return?

Update 09/18/13: Hey everyone! I’ve received some excellent feedback and comments on the first three episodes of the show, and have made some changes. Several listeners have requested a Mono format for the podcasts to make listening easier – and I see no harm in that! To help you guys out I have completely reformatted Episode 3 and updated all […]

Skreeonk LIVE! Podcast 2

Skreeonk LIVE! Episode 2 – Godzilla: Final Wars Retrospective – What Happened Here!? presents the second episode of SKREEONK LIVE! – An in depth professional podcast for the Kaiju fandom covering every topic from films and collecting to comics and music. Episode two is a retrospective on Godzilla: Final Wars – join Jon @ UnCanny and Sid Lazarus as they they embark on a blast to the past – ripping and tearing […]