Z0030854Whats up fellow fans – Skreeonk.com is back after a week hiatus with episode four of SKREEONK LIVE! – An in depth professional podcast for the Kaiju fandom covering every topic from films and collecting to comics and music.

Episode four dives deeply into the history of Kaiju gaming – both Western and Japanese.  Join Jon @ UnCanny and Sid Lazarus as they revisit everything from the classic Nintendo Goji games to Atari’s massively successful trilogy of Godzilla games. Episode Four also addresses the recent partnership between Kaijuphile.com and Skreeonk, as well as what it means to be a Kaiju Fan! I’ve also included a gallery of images below to look through while you listen – click the main photo in this article or CLICK HERE to listen!

Thanks again for listening!

Jon @ UnCanny


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