Afternoon all, Jon @ UnCanny here.

hedorahTo make a long story short – last night Sid and I attempted to connect over Skype and record Episode 5 of Skreeonk LIVE. What followed was two hours worth of fighting a shitty connection and some very frustrating first-world problems. In the end we were able to power through it (well past midnight) and come up with an hour segment we were happy with. I thought, “hey – we always have fun with this. I’ll just sleep on it and edit tomorrow!”

So I did that. Only to find that said shitty connection – for the first time – had eaten about 75% of our work, and only one minuscule remnant of a24 minute mp3 had been left behind… Hence the photo of Hedorah. I love Hedorah – but I’m sure you can make the connection to said events…

Needless to say, Sid and I will be re-recording either tonight or Thursday, and this will honestly turn into a blessing in disguise. I’m getting a new wireless adapter today and we’re going to re-kick this episode’s ass! We apologize for the delay, but we want to make this show as top-notch as possible for you guys. Words can’t express how grateful we are for all the listeners and positive feedback – and I want to continue to have each episode top the last.

I’ll keep you updated as always, and until then thanks again for listening – we couldn’t do it without yah!

Jon @ UnCanny


  1. Hey there, I’m a new fan who came over on a recommendation from Kaijucast, and I love your stuff! Your game episode was great, because I have some fond memories of playing those two NES games.

    Sorry to hear about your technical problems, and I await the next episode eagerly!

    • Hey Jamie!

      Thanks so much for the kind words – we should be recording tonight! Needless to say I’ve upgraded my wireless. The guys at Kaijucast are the best around – happy to have you here as well!

      Thanks again for listening!


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