Hey guys, hope everyone is having a nice and relaxing Sunday.

The recent partnership between Skreeonk and Kaijuphile is now in full swing with many more exciting developments to come. First up, the former Kaijuphile forums (which have been around for well over a decade) were officially rebranded the Kaiju Fan Network Forums this weekend and will serve as a community for all the fandom! Here’s the fantastic banner made by Kaijuphile’s overlord and good friend of mine Sauron:


Snazzy, yes? I’ve been a member of these forums since 2003 and its still surreal to think that I now operate a site that is partnered with this amazing tentpole of our fandom. Speaking of, the KP guys and I will be tackling a revamp of the Kaiju Fan Marketplace next – which will result in members being able to post their own items instead of having to send them through me first. This will eliminate a massive amount of work on my part, and will result in a much easier listing process for you guys. I’m excited!

I’m also in the process of adding some more movie reviews to the Kaiju Movies & TV section – including some summaries to fill out our rather empty Ultraman section! A huge thanks to contributor 20th Century Boy for the Ultraman reviews, and one of our MVP contributors King Caesar for a great Invasion of Astro Monster review! The addition of these new reviews also came at the cost of combing every single review to fix the image issues. Which was painstaking and time consuming but hey – someone’s gotta do it. Now whenever you browse through the movie reviews there shouldn’t be overly large and out of place looking images crowding the articles.

Thanks so much for sticking with us this far – and I can honestly say it’ll just keep getting better! Until next time,

Jon @ UnCanny

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