Whats up, everyone and a happy Friday to yah, fandom! Jon @ UnCanny here.

tumblr_mwmxftTNS81rnporpo5_r1_1280First things first – I’m sure the leaked book cover image from Amazon has made the rounds by now – but just so you know it is, in fact, real. It looks an awful lot like the standard haphazardly photoshopped paperback covers we see for all movie tie-ins – Well, that and I received a preemptive “please don’t repost this image” email last night, so… its real! But if you haven’t gathered the answer is no, I won’t be posting it here. For those who saw the leaked art from the Brazilian Marketing Expo earlier this year – it looks like that, just a full body shot. If anything it just solidified that we will indeed be seeing the hulking, croc-skinned Godzilla in Legendary’s upcoming film. He looks great, neck, dorsal fins and all.


In other news, Tamashii has officially released press photos of their upcoming Heisei Mothra! I’ve always been a much bigger fan of the traditional Showa Mothra designs and the excellent Tokyo S.O.S update she received – but I must say they did an excellent job with the sculpt on this release. Mothra looks to be one of the best figures in the line.


Oh… and then there’s this ridiculously enormous box for their Biollante. Or suitcase – is that a suitcase? Either way… good god. If you can manage to scroll past the enormity of said box I’ve included a full gallery for the new Mothra below.

Enjoy and until next time!


Jon @ UnCanny

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