Kaiju Addicts X-Plus Sanda vs. Gaira vinyl figures review.

The X-Plus Sanda vs. Gaira, War of the Gargantuas Diamond Reissue Set has been making its way to collectors over the past couple of weeks!

The X-Plus Sanda vs. Gaira Vinyl Figure set.

I was concerned how well they would stand on their own but was overly surprised at how stable these guys are. And I have to say photos just don’t do these guys justice. You need to have them in front of you to really appreaciate all of the detail, especially in the faces.

X-Plus Gaira foot with Revoltech Maser Tank.

And I’m really glad that I finally have some figures that are, more or less, in scale with the Revoltech Type 66 Maser Tank!

See my X-Plus Sanda vs. Gaira, War of the Gargantuas Full Review for more photos and opinions.

Kaiju Addicts X-Plus Baltan Review Graphic.

And for those who like to hunt down older releases, here’s a look at the 2012 re-issue of the 2010 X-Plus Alien Baltan.

The X-Plus Baltan from all angles.

At first glance it looks, well, great! But there is an insane amount of precise detail on this thing down to how many squares are on each claw!

Close-up of the X-Plus Baltan with light gimmick.

The 2012 re-issue comes with a light gimmick but requires the base to use it.

More information at the X-Plus Large Monster Series Alien Baltan Full Review.

X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 2001.

And, finally, this thing was just delivered to me yesterday. The X-Plus Gigantic Series Godzilla 2001. This thing is so big that it barely fits into my photo area. If I figure out a way to light it, I’ll be posting a review as soon as possible.


For more information on Sanda, Gaira, GMK and other recent X-Plus releases, tune into Rich Eso‘s YouTube Channel on Friday, January 17 (9pm EST) for another live X-Plus discussion!


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