Hey all! Jon @ UnCanny here!

I know what you’re thinking – “Articles posted two days in a row!? But Jon, you usually only post once a week/month/whenever-ish!” – And you would be right to say such things! This is, however, something you will want to see.

We’ve been promoting our good friend Kyle of Kaijucast’s upcoming documentary this entire year, and the fully-funded Kickstarter project was immensely successful in both it’s campaign here in the states and in it’s production in Japan. A select few of us got a sneak peek at the trailer last night, but Kyle has finally given the greenlight to make this bad buy public! He’s done a tremendous job cutting this trailer together, and if you weren’t excited for this 60th Anniversary Documentary – You’re about to be:


The first public trailer for the independently produced documentary about Godzilla’s impact on Japan and the King of the Monster’s legacy. HAIL TO THE KING: 60 YEARS OF DESTRUCTION is currently in post production. The film was funded thanks to the generous donations from the “Hail To The King” kickstarter campaign.

The music in this trailer is a condensed version of “Ha!” performed and recorded by the Portland Taiko group, who generously granted permission for its use.

For more information, go to HailToTheKingDoc.com
or like us at Facebook.com/hailtothekingdoc


We’ll keep you updated on the project as always. Thanks for watching and keep an eye on Skreeonk.com and Kaijucast.com for the latest regarding this fantastic documentary!

Jon @ UnCanny

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