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G-TUBE: Fresh Vinyl Live is Back with an X-PLUS ONSLAUGHT!

Hey all! Jon @ UnCanny here with a “better late than never” update! This past Friday saw the return of X-Plus LIVE, something Jon of has been a part of for a good while now along with Kyle from KaijuCast, David E. Dopko, John Stanowski of Kaiju Addicts – an excellent LIVE recording YouTube show where some of the […]

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The First Trailer for HAIL TO THE KING Is Finally Here!

Hey all! Jon @ UnCanny here! I know what you’re thinking – “Articles posted two days in a row!? But Jon, you usually only post once a week/month/whenever-ish!” – And you would be right to say such things! This is, however, something you will want to see. We’ve been promoting our good friend Kyle of Kaijucast’s upcoming documentary this entire […]