Hey all! Jon @ UnCanny here with a “better late than never” update!

This past Friday saw the return of X-Plus LIVE, something Jon of Skreeonk.com has been a part of for a good while now along with Kyle from KaijuCast, David E. Dopko, John Stanowski of Kaiju Addicts – an excellent LIVE recording YouTube show where some of the most knowledgeable collectors from the fandom come together to discuss all the latest in the vinyl world. This time we discussed the recent explosion of X-Plus mania – including the recently announced Diamond reissues, all of the RIC reissues, King Ghidorah, and all other releases coming this year such as the 25cm Mothra 1964 and the new C-Type Ultraman!

But enough typing, lets get to the episode! This was one of the best episodes we’ve taped, sincerely hope everyone enjoys:

Jon @ UnCanny

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