UPDATE: We have been sent a teaser for the film! Nothing major is revealed, but it’s still amazing to see! Check it out below:


Hey guys, Jon D. B. back from Japan here with a complete surprise reveal! Say hello to Toho’s Shin-Gojira, star of Godzilla Resurgence!


Shinji Nishikawa-san shared the above image early on December 9th revealing the terrifying maw of our newest Godzilla. The design is indeed legitimate, as a Toho-connected source of ours has confirmed that this is 100% the new design. The same source previously divulged to us that the new Godzilla would be inspired by “the original 1954 design where his head was shaped like a mushroom cloud” and will have “scary teeth”. The design our source refers to is the Godzilla ’54 maquette, in which his head is much larger and sculpted to resemble the aftermath of an atomic bomb (a mushroom cloud):


Personally, I love what we’re seeing and the history it pulls from. The design feels heavily steeped in Japanese folklore… Shin-Gojira looks to have lumbered straight out of the nightmares of Japan.

The following image is a manipulation of the original image that shows the new Godzilla in much greater detail:


What do you think? Are you excited for such a radically different and terrifying Godzilla? One thing is for sure – our new directors promised a “nightmarish” Godzilla – and they have certainly delivered!

UPDATE 2: We’ve got an exclusive look at a Japanese newspaper, revealing even more of Shin-Gojira’s neck and dorsal plates:


Stay tuned for a full-body reveal!


Jon D. B.


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