Hey fandom, Jon D. B. here with a wonderful update!

First of, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates to the main site. Movie news has been slow – but if you’re not following us already on our FACEBOOK PAGE then please do so! I’ve got daily updates for the fandom on our page, and we’re still going very, very strong within the community!

That is an excellent segue into the focus of this post, as the excellent artist-based-exclusive-tees company TeeFury contacted us recently to do a major giveaway of FOUR FREE SHIRTS to our fans! All you have to do is go on Facebook and like our page and TeeFury’s page and then send Skreeonk.com a message on Facebook telling us you did so!

We’ve got four of these wonderful bad boys to give away:  The hella-cool “Clash of the Gods Revisited” t-shirt is available in black in all male & female sizes, and features killer Godzilla vs Cthulhu artwork by MELEE_NINJA!clashClashofGods

If you’re impatient (like me) or don’t want to risk missing out, you can purchase this incredible shirt (along with one other hilariously awesome Disney/Godzilla crossover shirt) TODAY ONLY on Teefury.com for just $11! Don’t miss out!

Thanks as always for visiting Skreeonk.com and we hope to see you on Facebook or this summer at G-FEST in Chicago!


Jon D. B.

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