Hey all, Jon D. B. again on the release day of Shin-Gojira with some confirmation of many past spoilers/plot details we’ve discussed here on the site, as well as never-before-seen images and details.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED ON THIS FILM, TURN BACK NOW. We have an entire post pinned to the top of the site with spoiler-free reviews!




Alright, buckle in. First up – if you’ve come here expecting to learn that all of the strange scoops we’ve posted are false – prepare for disappointment. We don’t post anything without it being from a trusted source, and now that the film has hit we’ve got some amazing confirmation for you. As of now this is all public knowledge. The film and this material has been released to the public in Japan. Please also keep in mind that all of these images, spoilers, and scoops are 100% out of context. These details should not inform or make anyone’s opinion on this film. Always wait to see something for yourself before making up your mind!

With that being said – Back in January, we posted a lengthy editorial touching on the possibility/scoop that Godzilla would have several forms in SHIN, followed by a post in July concerning his tadpole-esque starting form and Hedorah-like evolution. Ready to see what some of that looks like? A friend of ours who has seen the film and received the corresponding book/pamphlet has shared the following images:





Godzilla emerges as a thing  from the ocean and evolves in this film, much like recent disasters Japan has suffered (earthquakes leading to tsunamis, Fukushima, all of it emerging and evolving into increasing tragedy). All of this seems misplaced and arbitrary out of context, but should make sense to any audience who can relate to the film’s inspiration. We’ll save opinions on all of this for after we’ve seen the film several times and can discuss these spoilers within proper context.

From there it gets even more out-there. A recent spoiler editorial of ours also teased a certain tail-centric tidbit we’ve heard from sources. We’ve got image confirmation of this, too, with added bonus. Much like Godzilla’s nuclear pulse in the past, SHIN fires atomic rays from his body. This time, thought, they’re thinly focused like lasers, and protrude from his spines, back, and with the added bonus of his….(you guessed it) tail. See for yourself:



All of this be as it may – this film was made for Japan. The reality of history and nature’s relationship with the Japanese, their loss – their fear – their anger and terror – is all within the context of SHIN – and all of these outlandish elements tie into this with purpose. Again, we urge you to form your own opinion of the film – with your own memories and experiences – once it hits your country soon, and respect other fans by not spoiling them with details they don’t want to know outside of this article. You guys asked for spoilers, however, and we wanted to deliver to both sides of the fandom.

We’ll be back with more, as always. Until then!


Jon D. B.



  1. There’s just one question that’s burning in my mind. Is the nuclear aspect still an important component of Godzilla’s character in this film?

  2. I’ve heard from a few friends fortunate enough to see it that ‘tadpole’ form Shin is jarring and really quite unsettling. This is Toho truly letting go of all the tried, true and often over used conventions. I’d love to see them continually allow new creative teams to create unique, nom connected films.

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