Legendary always aims for a large presence at San Diego Comic-Con – and it looks like the MonsterVerse’s own Monarch is there in full force! Interacting with guests at the international event and all of us laymen forced to rely on the internet, Monarch’s official Twitter account has revealed an incredible stone tablet featuring the incredible design for Mothra to be featured in GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS!

IMG_20170722_130538 (1)

So what are we looking at here? This is, obviously, another example of the very historically-rooted approach to kaiju that Legendary is taking – which I absolutely love. Here we see Mothra featured in an ancient stone tablet, her form depicted from a ground-view, certainly how most ancient humans would be accustomed to seeing her (standing on the ground looking up to see her underside). If you look to both her left and right, you can see the very caterpillar-esque depictions of her twin larvae as well – which gave me goosebumps! Above Mothra you can also spot her enormous egg, a sight synonymous with the world’s second most famous kaiju.

There’s a lot to take in from this initial design-reveal: though we cannot see her face or trademark enormous blue eyes – we can see that Legendary is opting to keep her instantly-recognizable wing design intact – down to the bullseye and striping patterns. The wing shape, proportions, and slim thorax also give off a very GMK vibe, something I am starting to feel a lot of with the Monarch reveals out of late.



From everything we know, it seems as if Ghidorah will have a terrestrial origin – being featured in cave paintings and frozen in ice – very similar to his origins/reveal in GMK. Will G:KOTM pull heavy influence from this beloved 2001 feature? There are certainly much worse films in the series to pull from (GMK is my second favorite G-Film of all time) – but I will admit that Ghidorah’s terrestrial origins and non-destroyer-of-planets size & attitude is my least favorite part of the film.

All this considered, what do you think of the first reveal for Godzilla’s fellow kaiju in the upcoming sequel? Let us know by commenting here or joining in the discussion on our official Facebook page!

SDCC is still going strong, so stay tuned for more updates as they come! We’ll keep you updated as always. Until then!


Jon D. B.


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