Finally! The day we’ve been patiently awaiting outside Japan for over a year:

GODZILLA: PLANET OF THE MONSTERS will hit Netflix JANUARY 17th! The anime’s official twitter made the announcement late Saturday evening:


Their tweet translates to the following, teasing not only the first film’s worldwide debut but the sequel’s upcoming storyline as well:

“GODZILLA monster planet” starts distribution worldwide from 1/17 (Wednesday) at Netflix! You can watch Anizogi anytime, anywhere on your home TV, PC or smartphone. Please enjoy the movie Chapter 2 of “May Fighting Mobile Mobilized City” as often as you can! !

MONSTER PLANET is the first in a trilogy of films for Toho, with the second seeing a release in Japan this May and featuring Mechagodzilla as the main opposition for Godzilla.


Excited? Who will you be watching with? Don’t forget to share the news with fellow fans and we’ll see you around our Official Facebook Page!

Until then,


Jon D. B.


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