Hey fellow collectors, Jon D. B. here with some exciting images from Bandai!

These two have been up for Pre-order for quite sometime, but now we’ve got official, full-sized images from Bandai to revel in. Behold, the 6 inch scale Movie Monster Series Biollante and Kiryu 2003 vinyl figures!


Each will come tagged as classic Bandais do, and are selling for regular retail prices on Amazon Japan and other hobby sites such as Hobby Link, Hobby Search, and AmiAmi. Click those links to purchase! Visiting the Amazon link will allow you to zoom in on Biollante and view all the great detail Bandai’s sculptors have put into the figure.

What’re your thoughts on these? Will you be picking them up to add to your Bandai collection? If you’re a fan of their classic figures, then you’ve also no-doubt heard of their amazing new FRANKENSTEIN release from Frankenstein Conquers the World – and he’s now released in Japan! He’s an exclusive to Bandai’s official shops in Japan, however, and will be very hard to get a hold of at this point. Most US retailers, let alone Japanese ones, are SOLD OUT at this point.


Frankenstein’s likeness has been very hard to secure for toymakers, so it is no surprise that these have completely sold out worldwide even before their release. Here’s to hoping X-Plus is the next to hold the rights!

Who will you be adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments below or by joining in the daily discussion on our Facebook Page.

Until then!


Jon D. B.

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