Here we are! The time has finally arrived! Thanks to WB’s Hall H takeover at SDCC we have the official, full trailer, and to say it is gorgeous is an understatement!

There is so much to say, and so much to see without anything being given away! The teasing shots of the mon-stars are phenomenal, and the score is beyond spectacular. This is one of the best edited and conceived trailers we’ve seen in ages, and… wow. Next May cannot come fast enough.

Below we’ll be adding screencaps as we take them, but for now we just want to watch this trailer on our 55′ LED 4K over, and over, and over…


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Our first look at the Mothra Larva design for KOTM!
Mothra’s cocoon in China
In a very GMK moment, adult Mothra emerges from her cocoon
Favorite shot I managed to capture – Here’s RODAN in the clearest look we’re going to get so far. He looks straight out of the classic 1956 design and we’re ecstatic!
RODAN emerges from his volcanic holdings.
Here you can see the volcanic-biology of Rodan in full force.
The best look we get at Ghidorah, Monster Zero, in this trailer. Sure hope that blue light down there isn’t Godzilla… or we’re all screwed!
Ghidorah inclosed in ice, much like in GMK, which is proving to be a huge influence for this film. To us, this is a phenomenal thing!
Godzilla is looking phenomenal, and his updated spines are a massive plus, which you can see clearly here.



Jon D. B.


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  1. This just blew my mind. Utterly BLEW it! I adore the 2014 Legendary Godzilla (despite its flaws, which I consider minor at most), as well as the classic G-films and the Heisei series. But to see fully-realized, realistic, cgi-rendered versions of King Gidorah, Mothra (who looked indescribably beautiful in her moth state), and Rodan along with Godzilla… It’s like something I dreamed of when I was a little boy. Epic is too small a word for how this looks, and I cannot wait to see this movie. The imagery, the way they chose that rendition of “Claire de Lune” to reflect the terrifying awe and beauty of these monsters… May 2019 cannot come fast enough!

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