Man oh man, what an excellent second trailer we’ve received! Join us below as Jon D. B. breaks down all the biggest reveals and teases from KING OF THE MONSTERS’ second epic trailer! As always with this type of article, though, please beware that if you scroll down you will be treated to potentially MASSIVE SPOILERS! So please, read on at your own risk.


To dive right in, the most striking element of WB/Legendary’s strategy here, to me, is the fact that they’ve proven how much more they’re hiding from us – simply by showing us full glimpses of what has been confirmed already. Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, and Godzilla’s updated design might as well be old hat at this point, as the shots in this second go-round give us detailed closeups of each – whilst teasing a much wider pantheon of Titans for the sequel. Let’s look at these four iconic kaiju up close, anyway, because man-oh-man are their Hollywood makeovers sincerely phenomenal. But first… just who are these new Titans teased to us in trailer two?

First, we’re shown this absolutely enormous invertebrate busting forth from the earth in what is definitely an oil field. This leads us to believe that, even though this is looks a whole lot like the limbs of a crustacean, that this is not Ebirah or another familiar aquatic kaiju (remember, this is an oil field, here, not the shore, etc). Could this be Kumonga in a less-hairy form? She’s a classic kaiju that would fit the Monsterverse’s grounded-approach perfectly, and has emerged from the soil in similar ways in Toho classics past. Or, thirdly, we could be looking at an entirely new creation!
This shot, however – this shot right here is what has us the most intrigued and thrilled. Could this be Anguirus, the fan-favorite (and Jon’s favorite) bursting forth from the earth as he has so many times in kaiju eiga? The mountain-shaped mound is our first clue, but take a look at the exact spot we’ve targeted – That is clearly a spike – a very Ang-esque spike – and if you watch it in the trailer again it is breaking forth from under the soil, not moving as part of it. Long story short, we will be sincerely shocked if this does not turn out to be Anguirus – which has us BEYOND stoked!
And then there’s this fire-fueled… burning… scene. Could this be a Burning LegendGoji? The titan moving and swiping with its arm here moves exactly like Godzilla… and having him go all self-nuclear to defeat Ghidorah would be utterly epic – and much more fitting than having some random lava-based titan join the fray – especially considering Rodan’s design & origins in the film.
This shot has left many intrigued, as well. While it immediately invokes thoughts of the Toho comet-based classic GORATH, I wouldn’t bet on this revealing a ‘new’ titan. Rather, it looks to be a shot of Ghidorah falling to Earth – perhaps in a flashback of sorts – explaining his extraterrestrial origins, and how he came to be frozen in ice. As much inspiration as Dougherty & team have taken from the source material, it seems highly unlikely to us that Ghidorah will be of Earth, so this seems like a scene very-likely to be connected to him. Zoom in to that comet, too, and you’ll see how much it looks like a falling three-headed dragon. Intriguing, indeed!

Speaking of the golden terror himself, the second trailer treats us to some glorious shots of the iconic dragon:

Ghidorah standing upright seems to double his size in comparison to his “rival alpha”, Godzilla – LEGENDARY/WB


Ghidorah looks beyond exceptional. It is hard to imagine a more perfect modern design & update for Toho’s big-bad.
Magnificent closeup of Ghidorah shooting his iconic lightning-esque gravity beams. His form being constantly cloaked in a heavy thunderstorm is just icing on the cake.
Mothra, though, takes the prize for us. Her S.H. Monsterarts figure reveal left some on the fence, but this shot should win any over that remained doubtful. This is unmistakably the Mothra we know and love; her form updated to give her a fighting chance against such fierce opponents.
This full shot of Mothra in an attack-dive is giving us major MOTHRA LEO vibes, which is just another sign that Director Michael Dougherty is injecting every ounce of his passion for Toho’s work into this love-letter of a modern kaiju film.
And here we find Mothra as a young larva, our first look at her cocooning herself before blossoming into the enormous moth-like Queen of the Monsters.
We weren’t treated to a closer look at Rodan, per-say, but received glimpses of fantastic action set pieces featuring the volcanic titan, instead. His entire legacy feels to be wrapped within his Monsterverse interpretation, and we couldn’t be happier with it.
Godzilla is looking incredible, too. His updated dorsal spines, tail, torso, and feet are massive upgrades to an already excellent design. Here, in the trailer’s final shot, we see him going head-to-head with rival alpha Ghidorah, who is in his hunched-over pose that seems to drastically equal out their size difference.
And a closer look at the Big G reveals some heavy battle damage in this exceptionally-detailed closeup. Look at those scars, and the particularly prominent gash taken out of his forehead (top right). Trophies of Ghidorah’s wrath, perhaps?

Speaking of the titular beast, the last big reveal of the trailer is that the film will be officially be marketed as GODZILLA II: KING OF THE MONSTERS, too, and not just G:KOTM as originally shown. Looks like the studios are using both titles, interchanging them as it suits the project:


What do you make of all this? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below or get in on the comments over on our Facebook Page.

Either way, May 19th cannot get here soon enough!


Jon D. B.

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