X-Plus Godzilla 1962 Vinyl Figure Review by KaijuAddicts.com.

Hajimemashite! Watashi wa John Stanowski. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! I’ll be periodically contributing to Skreeonk.com with preview images and bits of information from new Kaiju Addicts X-Plus vinyl figure reviews. Hope you like the pics!

First up we have some timely information regarding the X-Plus Toho 30cm Series Godzilla 1962. A Ric Boy exclusive re-issue is due out late October 2013 and pre-orders are being taken right NOW! If you missed this beauty back in 2010 when it was originally released, now is your chance to fix that. But you’ll have to hurry. The window for preorders ends September 24. See the full review for information on how to obtain one of these sexy beasts.

X-Plus Godzilla 1962 Vinyl Figure Review by KaijuAddicts.com.

As you can see, X-Plus did a mighty fine job of replicating our favorite kaiju as he appeared in the 1962 film “King Kong vs. Godzilla”. The sculpt is fantastic and faithful to the suit. The dynamic pose is very expressive and captures the personality of this Godzilla perfectly.

By the way, all of these photos are pretty big. Click on them to see high res versions.

X-Plus Godzilla 1962 Vinyl Figure Review by KaijuAddicts.com.

Fantastic texturing, awesome paint job, everything is top notch. Not too bad for one of X-Plus’ earlier sculpts. The only fault I can find is that the fingers are not individually sculpted but that’s more than made up for, by far.

X-Plus Godzilla 1962 Vinyl Figure Review by KaijuAddicts.com.

Well, I hope you liked the photos and I hope you have the opportunity to grab this guy. It’s been three years since he was first released and has become rather pricey in the aftermarket. Now is your chance!

Visit Kaiju Addicts to see the full review, specs, more photos and more information on how you can get your hands on one of these beauties. There are also other reviews, news, photos and links to outside reviews awaiting you.


  1. Since this is an X-Plus “Ric Boy” exclusive, it can only be ordered from the Ric Boy site. (http://ric-toy.ne.jp/shop/products/detail.php?product_id=217). The site is in Japanese and it’s hard to set up an account. They can take your money but they won’t ship to you. So you would need to sign up with a forwarding service like Tenso. (http://www.tenso.com/en/). Even I have not managed to set up an account at the Ric Boy site.

    Now, usually, after these figures are released, X-Plus will also sell them on their amazon.co.jp web store. that’s a lot easier to sign up with. But you will still need a forward service like Tenso.

    Now you can just wait until they come out on Ebay. But the prices will be higher. Shops in Japan usually stock up on these just to put them out on Ebay. And then the prices start to skyrocket to more time goes by. Ebay is a surefire, easy way to get one, but it’s pricier.

    Don’t fret because there is another option. I order all of my X-Plus Ric Boys from a guy named Mike Johnson. He’s a big collector and he’s friends with a shop in Japan. He only asks for a 20% down payment, then he’ll give his shop friend the order. When they come in, Mike will send you a balance and when you pay it the shop will ship the figure to you directly from Japan. I can’t post Mike’s email or he’ll get spammed. But if you join the X-Plus Kaiju Collectors Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/XPlusGodzillaVinylSeries/) you can ask there for Mike Johnson. Godzilla 1962 is about $210 and that’s the best price you’ll ever see for this Japanese re-issue, and Mike’s your best bet.

    But wait, there’s more. There is a good chance you’ll get yet another chance if you live in Canada or the U.S. Diamond Distributors, the guys who supply all of our comic shops, are releasing two previously released X-Plus figures every three months. The third set of figures are about to be announced. So, if you miss out on this Japanese re-issue, you can just wait to get it domestically anytime within the next two years. More than likely, this figure will be released very early on in that period as this figure is very, very popular. The Diamond releases are made the exact same way as the Japanese releases since they are still made by X-Plus. Please see my article on the Diamond releases for more information. Hope this helps you because my fingers are really sore from typing!

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