Hey, fandom – Happy Friday – And boy do I have some exciting news!


      I’ve been a member of the forums over at Kaijuphile for over a decade now. I started out in their very active community as a kid – and grew up within the fandom there. We all discussed the Millenium films as they were released – and literally watched Godzilla: Final Wars come to fruition together. Needless to say, Kaijuphile holds the biggest of places in my heart when it comes to memories of our beloved fandom.

The past month has been brimming with exciting new developments for Skreeonk, and the last few weeks in particular have been filled with planning, scheming, and developing with my friends on the Kaijuphile team.  And here’s what we’ve come up with:

      KP’s overlords Brandon aka Sauron and Jeff aka Saruman are just as excited as I am to announce that our two sites will be joining together to create the new pillars of the Kaiju Fan Network! Our merger will result in the Kaijuphile forums rebirth as the official forums of the Kaiju Fan Network!

What does that mean, exactly!? Our fandom is in dire need of another forum to discuss our beloved hobby – and the KFN Forums will be just that! Sauron does an incredible job with the forums – its very sleek, and I could not be more excited to call them home! I’ll be adding a main button to the navigation of the site for the new forums – and I mean this when I say I’ve not been this excited for the future of or site (or fandom for that matter) in a very long time!

But wait, theres’s more! My dear friend Sauron over at KP has designed SIX brand new banners for the forum’s rebirth – and the fans get to decide which one we’ll be using! Head on over to the Kaijuphile forums to register (super easy registration process) and help us decide which one to use – Whichever gets the most votes will be donned as the official banner of the Kaiju Fan Network Forums!

Enough from me – head on over to the KP forums to check out Sauron’s announcement and plenty more details regarding our partnership. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – its a damn good time to be a fan. Don’t forget to register at the forums and join in on all the discussion – you can click the prior link or the graphic above to do so. Its going to be pretty incredible to see what new members help us usher in a completely new age for the Kaiju fandom – I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

Jon @ UnCanny

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