Happy Halloween, everyone! Jon @ UnCanny here with a rather fitting Halloween Collector’s Update!

The Godzilla series’ own Slasher Kaiju has been revealed just in time for the slashiest of holidays – Tamashii had the final prototype on display at their Tamashii Nation 6 event. Here he is, ladies and gentlemen – continuing down the path of millenium kaiju we present to you:

S.H. MonsterArts Final Wars Gigan!


I am partial to the classic design, being a Showa nut and what not, but have always recognized this suit as one of the few excellent things to come out of Godzilla: Final Wars. I am, however, perplexed by SHMA’s decision to manufacture yet another suit that has been given a prior highly-articulated figure; Along with Kiryu, GFW Gigan received a few diecast chogokin figures a few years back – and they’re of superior quality and durability than what the SHMA line has produced thus far. We’ll see if the plastic reads better on this figure than it did on their Kiryu (which unfortunately doesn’t stand a chance next to a similar, but fully metallic figure).

For reference, I’ve included the Chogokin GFW Gigan below. Notice the large amount of accessories – something SHMA stopped producing a good while ago. I will say that the sculpt on the new figure is quite superior (slimmed down, more detail), but I’ll have to hold off judgement until I can compare its plastic makeup to the previous metal figure in person.



Jon @ UnCanny


  1. Sculpt looks horrible, I’m sure they’ll fix it in time though, aswell I hope they’ll release the upgraded parts like the Chogokun version so that way you could have a choice hammer hooks, or chainsaws, if they do I’ll buy two.

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