Ah, yes. The heavily sought after - rare Titanosaurus. And what a beautiful figure he is!

From Sci-Fi Japan’s Bandai Report by John DeSentis:

The release of the TITANOSAURUS figure heralded a victory for the fans. At the Asian Fantasy Film Expo in 2001, Yasumasa Kawauchi from the Bandai Company was in attendance and asked enthusiastic fans which monster they most want to see a figure made of. Titanosaurus won by an overwhelming majority. It is no surprise that soon after that a figure was made along with a version of Mechagodzilla 2. The quality of these figures is so good because Bandai sculpted them with the appropriate suit wrinkles and details.

And a victory it is, indeed. I absolutely love this figure, and just acquired mine in early 2010.

Sculpt: *****

Now here we have a true five star sculpt. it is 99% screen accurate, with not a detail left out. Titanosaurus’ trademark, bumped scales are present – along with every wrinkle and detail in all of his fins and sails. You can even see his forked tongue hanging from the front of his mouth! I really like the overall shape of this figure, it’s very appealing.

Paint: *****

Flawless. Man did Bandai deliver with this guy. EVERY scale bump is painted black. The claws and teeth are painted perfectly with no bleedover. The bottom scales under the raised black scales are painted every shade of red, orange, and yellow present in the actual suit. His sails and fins are highlighted with both orange and gold appropriately. His eyes are even bright yellow with sharp, reptillian black irises present. Score!

Rarity: ****

Titanosaurus is not easy to get a hold of, but that has just as much to do with his demanding price as it does with his rarity. These figures aren’t too terribly hard to find – each store seems to have at least one. But perhaps the profitable nature of this figure is to blame. Either way, these figures never last long at dealers – making them highly sought after – and rather rare.

Price: $80.00 – $145.00


To give you a good idea of just how sought after and rare this lovely Bandai is becoming  – this article in its entirety was written originally on February 22nd, 2010, well over a year and a half ago. Here was my original statement on price:

$80 is a little up there for this guy, but in the near future this figure will be fetching that price with a tag. As of now, Titanosaurus goes for $50 to $60 without a tag (sometimes over that depending on the amount of these figures on the market), and $65 to $80 with a tag. In certain pockets of time, these figures aren’t widely for sale, and have sold for over $100. If you have one, hold onto it!

This, obviously, no longer applies! The marketplace has pushed ol’ Titano up there with other superb Bandai rarities that vastly outdate it – such as Gorosaurus and Kamakuras. Don’t count on picking up this figure for less than $80-$100.

Worth it?

Damn skippy it’s worth it! Well.. to us hardcore collectors, anyway. You’ll be hard pressed to find another figure that is as pleasing in such a production line. Titanosaurus is part of the holy grail as far as Bandais are concern – and the fact that he is the direct result of fan outcry and desire makes it that much better. I think this is a big ‘duh’, but we here at Skreeonk.com give ol’ Titano a huge, solid Five Star rating. Bitchin’!




– Jon @ UnCanny

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