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godzilla: king of the monsters 1

GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS’ First FULL TRAILER is Here and it is Astoundingly Beautiful! LONG LIVE THE KING!

Here we are! The time has finally arrived! Thanks to WB’s Hall H takeover at SDCC we have the official, full trailer, and to say it is gorgeous is an […]

Godzilla: Chapter Two 0

[REVIEW] CITY ON THE EDGE OF BATTLE is Here, and it is Abysmally Tedious

Have you watched Toho Animation’s Part Two of their Godzilla series yet? If you haven’t, two things: 1.) This review will be short, but still includes a few spoilers. 2.) […]

Toho History 0

Yuriko Hoshi [星 由里子], Toho Golden Era Leading Lady, Passes at 74

We are terribly sad to report today that one of Japan’s most beloved classic film actresses, Yuriko Hoshi [星 由里子], has passed at the relatively young age of 74. She […]