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godzilla vs kong

[Review] ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Has a Winner: Audiences

Streamlined adventure combined with the best giant monster spectacle to hit Hollywood in a generation leaves audiences the true winners of ‘Godzilla vs Kong.’ In short: the Monsterverse is back, […]


[Press] First Look at Topps Godzilla NFT Card Collection is Here: Motion Cards, Classic Rookies, and More!

Topps Digital Strikes Again: Godzilla NFT Collectibles are Coming to the WAX Blockchain on March 31! If you’re part of the global NFT phenomenon, then Topps is about to make your […]

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EXCLUSIVE First Look Inside ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Prequel Graphic Novels: ‘Godzilla Dominion’ and ‘Kingdom Kong’!

Sneak peak! Our friends at Legendary sent over exclusive, glorious full pages from both Godzilla Dominion and Kingdom Kong after today’s motion trailer release. In short: this is the some […]

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[Press] Cover for Godzilla vs. Kong: One Shall Fall: The Art of The Ultimate Battle Royale Revealed!

Ready for the next glorious concept art book from Legendary’s Monsterverse? Insight Editions has revealed the official cover to us, and we’ve got it for you right here in all […]