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[REVIEW] Pacific Rim: Uprising Is Far Better Than Abysmal Trailers Would Have You Believe

   SPOILER FREE “Why is this movie being made?” is a question I’ve asked myself and many others ramping up to Uprising. The first film did poorly in the US […]

Godzilla: Chapter Two 2

Incredible New Poster for GODZILLA Anime’s CHAPTER TWO Reveals a Dangerous New Feel and… Mothra?

UPDATE (03/20/2018): The official site has updated again confirming our wonderment and suspicions: Both Mothra and her surrounding mythology are confirmed for Chapter Two: Godzilla: City on the Edge of […]

Bandai 0

Bandai Brings the Goodness! Official Images of 6″ MMS Biollante and Kiryu 2003! Frankenstein Is Out Now!

Source: Hey fellow collectors, Jon D. B. here with some exciting images from Bandai! These two have been up for Pre-order for quite sometime, but now we’ve got official, […]