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Godzilla: Monster Planet 0

Review: PLANET OF THE MONSTERS Features A Phenomenal Godzilla, An Interesting Future, and A Whole Lot of Setup

We’ve finally seen it. Planet of the Monsters. “Godzilla is back and bigger than ever” seems like the natural direction to take a review for this film, but POTM is […]

Godzilla: Monster Planet 2

GODZILLA x NETFLIX! ‘Planet of the Monsters’ Online Release Date Revealed!

Finally! The day we’ve been patiently awaiting outside Japan for over a year: GODZILLA: PLANET OF THE MONSTERS will hit Netflix JANUARY 17th! The anime’s official twitter made the announcement […]

KFN Updates! 2

REST IN PEACE NAKAJIMA-SAN: The “Soul of Godzilla”, Haruo Nakajima, Has Passed at Age 88

 It has been a very rough morning, as we can confirm our beloved hero and iconic friend, Haruo Nakajima-san, has passed away August 7th, 2017 at age 88. He is […]