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MTVGojiA couple of days ago, a very interesting little internet campaign was brought to the fandom’s attention on Facebook, via a dedicated fan whom we shall refer to as Mr. Bean. It seems that in this year’s MTV Movie Brawl, Legendary’s GODZILLA has been pitted against a little film called Vampire Academy. Now, being that I have absolutely no idea what the hell Vampire Academy is (past the obvious – it will be an angsty tween Twilight knockoff, just what the world needs) – yet I immediately want Godzilla to stomp it into oblivion. I would summarize Mr. Bean’s wondrous efforts – his glorious personal battle to have Godzilla rise above the competition of a tween vampire flic – but his own personified speech is just too fantastic to not directly quote. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. Bean and the Quest to Win The BRAWL!

We have had a long hard day when it comes the MTV poll. We are barely holding our own ground against the army of teen age girls voting for Vampire Academy. But we are giving them one hell of a fight. Now I’ve heard several times in the last 12 hours that winning is impossible. That we have already failed. We should just admit it and give up. But you know when Godzilla was at 9% or 20% it looked impossible for us ever to reach 40% or higher. Still we have pulled that off. If I would have listened to every person who told me what I was doing was impossible, Akira Takarada would not have been cast in his cameo role. Sure I was a fool to try and get him cast, but thankfully I and several others were big enough fools to succeed. So here we are on another fool’s mission. I think we just might idiotic enough to pull this off. We have over a day to keep at it. We have already made Godzilla and Legendary proud. Let’s continue to fight for them. Who’s foolish enough to fight with me?http://www.mtv.com/content/movies/movie_brawl/matches/mb2014_rnd2_mtch06.jhtml
MTV Movie Brawl 2014
The brawl for it all is back! What is your most anticipated movie of 2014? Vote for your favorites and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!

T. Bean via Facebook

From what I understand, you can indeed vote more than once – like up to thirty times if you so choose – and I urge you to do so! We have literally brought GODZILLA from a measly 9% to 50%! Thats right, it is (as of writing this article) 50/50 tied up! I’ll keep the article up to date on the score, but we need to keep this trend going and STOMP this puny vampire film into the dust! Yes, fandom! YES! WE CAN DO IT!

Click the link in the quote above, the photo above, or  THESE WORDS to vote and see the cool little animation of Goji himself. You guys are awesome – Happy Stomping!


Jon @ UnCanny

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  1. Godzilla fans,
    you are being sent in via MTV Movie Brawl.
    Now I realize not all of you have had hands on experience
    Frankly, none of us have ever faced a situation
    quite like this one before.
    But I would not be asking any one of you to take this leap
    if I did not have complete faith in your ability to succeed.
    Your courage will never be more needed than it is today.

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