Afternoon, fellow fans! Jon @ UnCanny here.

The fandom is a-buzz recently with word of Diamond’s upcoming USA X-Plus releases. As exciting as it all has become – let us not forget the sheer awesomeness that will continue to exude from the company’s Japanese homebase!

BEHOLD – 30cm of Space-Angry. Spacegodzilla has landed!


I’ve translated the page above with all of their details on the figure into english. You can click on the photo above to be taken to X-Plus’ official website, where you can view all of their photos of the sculpt. As soon as we see the figure painted, we’ll post it here!

Aside from this new announcement, X-Plus is gearing up for one hellu’va ending to summer. Below I’ve posted screen captures from their website that show us just how much spectacularness our wallets will be slammed with this August, and next month in September! You can click on either screen grab to be taken to their official site, where you can click and view extensive photos of each sculpt.



Superb sculpts as always. Keep an eye out for Kumonga and King Caesar, both of which have hit the fandom in a huge way – the final product on these two have proven to be some of X-Plus’ finest work! We’ll post some pictures from collectors soon.

Until then!

Jon @ UnCanny


  1. so what do u think r the kaiju that xplus usa will do….im def getten the gargantua brotha’s set this nov. but do u think they r gonna re-issue the 30cm japanese molds or use differant ones?? I think they are gonna be crankin’ those molds out man come Jan next year!

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