Original Article: Ladies and gentlemen, HERE HE IS! A Goji fan in Brazil snapped this photo at a licensing expo of what appears to be our very first look at the new Godzilla! Kaijucast hit Facebook with the news just moments ago – here’s their post:

KAIJUCAST: Big thanks to Fernando for forwarding this poster display from Brazil. Apparently this came from a licensing expo in Sao Paulo. What do you think? It certainly matches what I saw in the Godzilla Encounter, but perhaps looks a little jovial.

***UPDATE*** Sorry dudes, but the image has been taken down by request of our friends at Legendary. I hate that the fans got the jump on them, but damnit if that didn’t make for an awesome day!***

I did some digging myself and uncovered that the snapshot was taken at  ‘a licensing expo in Sao Paulo Brazil [in] 2013′.

Godzilla looks to have so much character here! One of my only worries for this film was that Godzilla would be a mindless beast, a huge CGI city-smashing plot device. Now that I see that mug and those ridiculously cool lava-tinted eyes… Look how alive he seems – Even in a simple merchandising poster! Which brings me to my next point:

This looks exactly like what Marvel does for all of their merchandise posters, toys, etc. This Godzilla poster is done in the exact same hyper-glossy style that Hollywood marketing buffs are in love with right now. Superhero movies are the biggest examples of this – just google “Avengers Poster”.

Legendary’s marketing team also employed the exact same methods and art style for the Dark Knight Trilogy and several other films. The poster we’re all pouring over right now is one of these same types of marketing posters – not a theatrical poster. This is something you’ll see in the Wal-Mart poster section, or in one of those isle-cap poster bins at Toys R Us, etc.

This not only matches the maquettes and Godzilla Encounter footage, but it also matches up with everything eye-witnesses at the Encounter have reported. It seems we now have our first official look at the marketing style of the new film – and the new King himself! Be sure to check out KaijuCast on Facebook and thank them for this awesome shot! What do you guys think!?

Jon @ UnCanny


  1. That’s a good point you brought up about the “glossy” artwork. This does seem like toy art based on the real movie image. So I expect that the movie will have a slightly different appearance (including color tone). That makes me feel a little more comfortable. I love this image, but something just feels off, maybe too ‘soft’. The Godzilla Encounter footage appeared much more ferocious. So I still have high hopes that this will turn out incredible.

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