Happy Thursday, fans! Jon @ UnCanny here.

UltraManC-headI’ve been extremely busy as of late working on this site and expanding the Kaiju Fan Network. Some really exciting things are coming to light, and I am proud to announce our first big partnership today with Kaiju Addicts!

What is Kaiju Addicts (besides a term to describe us all oh so very well) you say? KA is an incredibly sharp and top-notch X-Plus collector’s site run by John Stanowski – an all around great guy and one hell of a photographer. John reviews and captures Kaiju related X-Plus figures like no one else I’ve ever seen, and that is just one of the reasons why I’m enthralled to have him join the Kaiju Fan Network!

Whenever a new review or some exciting news is available at Kaiju Addicts – expect to see a preview here on Skreeonk.com written by Mr. Stanowski himself! Here’s a sample of some of his incredible work – and whenever you get to itchin’ for some X-Plus just click on their button in the right navigation!

I’ve got some more extremely exciting news coming very soon – I’m literally getting antsy just thinking about letting the cat out of the bag – But soon… soon enough! Until then!

Jon @ UnCanny

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